Monday, January 08, 2007




I wish ski was the third of the three but alas no. spun on the bike a few hours here and there, ran for a solid 60 minutes in the cold on Sat and it really wore me down ( trail run), felt like a real workout, I got a MOXI set up in the gym so I could record workouts and shows for working out and sitting on the trainer. pretty sweet to have HDTV sitting in front of the trainer I must say. rode for 1 hour last night ( easy after a long day of snowmobiling/backcountry skiing) and it went by easy. I also read that the time on the trainer is worth 1.5 in the real world so I guess it would be like I did a 90 minute ride. today EASY EASY recovery swim ( I already rode the 6 miles into work at slacker pace listening to Zen and the art of triathlon on the Ipod shuffle. ) nothing on Tuesday and then big Core workout which will be part of the series with trainer starting the two month series. Then Thursday leaving for Utah to ski for a week.......good times.


Flatman said...


Is your bike (specialized) still for sale? What size is it?


Drew Holmes said...

maybe???? PM me on triscoop or email me and we can chat...I think it is a 56 cm.

Rosalind said...

Keep up the good work.