Thursday, January 18, 2007

got my ass kicked again!!!

round two......all I know was tat I spent an hour today looking at the floor trying to catch my breath, HR monitor was above 175 for about 40 minutes. The trainer kept throwing CORE workouts that I had never even though of.....throw a medicine ball against a wall ...catch it and then put on ground doing a squat, run up stairs with a 20 pound bag of sand over your head, stand on a balance ball and run in place swinging arms like you would run but with 10 pound weights in each hand...Go Go Go.....I was smarter and brought some Gatorade and had a better meal before the workout but still doubt I will be able to do one sit up in the morning......It hurts so good. I dread it but then feel fulfilled that I did it each time. Money well spent. Bruce and I agree that without a trainer there is no way we would go that chance. like you wold not ride your bike at threshold for 2 hours but in a yourself....fugetaboutit!!!!!!!!

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moonpie said...

man that sounds...brutal...horrible...tortorous...but oh so good!