Sunday, January 28, 2007

big day

So since I had KMA on Thursdays and that seems to be the schedule I have moved my off day to Friday. That way I can get more work done at the office...important...NOT!! So Saturday morning I did a Fit TV show that Incorporated cardio and weights and that was not bad to start the day off. Not real hard but about 45 minutes. nice to loosen up after the hard Thursday and then rest Friday.

Later I went to the Pool and swam for 30 minutes doing drills and really working on form, went pretty decent and got in about 1000 meters ( I lost track after about 600) still hard for me to do more that 1000, not that I am physically done I am just BORED!!!! I need an underwater Mp3 player or something. I got so zoned out on one lap that I hit the other side of the pool with my hand and jammed my finger,,,,,LOSER. I think the lifeguards are watching me extra close.

but then I went straight from the pool to the new fitness center at the other side of the building and it is very nice with all new equipment. I hit the treadmill for 20 hard minutes ( new wide precor with nice incline feature to 9....) I did semi hard pace and every minute jacked up the incline a notch and then brought it back down. SO i am jamming out with my Ipod shuffle and looking out the window since they all face outside into a park which is nice. I notice two ladies looking at the treadmill next to mine and she is showing her friend how to use it. they are kind of close together as you can see in the pic ( a great pic from their site of old people walking really slow on them, not that I am against that it just seemed low fitness to me for all the killer new equipment for a promo but that's me) and then BAM!! i fee l my treadmill bounce and look back and she is shooting off the back of mine like a bad commercial. she had stepped back with a foot onto mine which was cranking and woosh she went.......I asked if she was OK as she was getting off the floor and she was but then I laughed so hard inside i got an extra stomach workout.

I then did some core and rode my bike about 6 miles home ( wife dropped me off on the way to the store) , it was 22 degrees out which is why i did the treadmill for a change as i would rather run outside.....then i realized I had done a mini tri today. not really planning it that way but I guess i swam, ran and biked.

Today I plan on hooking up with Rob and spinning for a few hours at a easy zone 2 pace to get in some time. I read that time on the trainer is like 1.5 on the road so equivalent to a ride of about 3 hours outside. much rather be outside but 3 hours in 22 degrees???? uh no. 30 minutes or so no worries I have warm gear but after that not enjoyable so We will rent a movie or something.

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