Monday, February 27, 2006

marathon pics.

Just got some more Marathon pics from my Sister in law. This was from the 2005 Portland Marathon which we plan on repeating this year in October. This was when Isis passed me in the last 6 miles and I ran to the end with my brother Scott

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


one of my training partners Bruce has been paying Kyle Will of willrace promotions to train him and setup work schedules. Every Wed. he goes in and does core training workouts for an hour. he really crys later about how hard they are. Being Bruce is pretty damn strong I needed to see these so I went with him and ran on the treadmill while he worked out with Kyle. I knew Kyle from before so he let me watch as these are private training sessions at a studio and Bruce thought it was cool. WOW..after watching from the treadmill for 30 minutes I thought the workout was done and he had earned it as he was done!!! but it went on for another 30 minutes to almost exhaustion. I ran about 5.5 miles on the treadmill and then joined in for abs workout at the end but Bruce gets my props it was a hard workout with no rests and lots of balance and core work. If you live near Bend call Kyle for a workout...then go home and rest!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I got up at 5:30 to go backcountryskiing with Rob and it was -10 degrees......we decided to waut a bit, We went up at 7 am and it was zero and by the time we were clibing up the mountain it got to a high of 2 degrees. But the sun was out and the reflection of the sun, no wind and working while clinbing I would have to say it was perfect. The snow sucked though, really icy. enjoued the lateest "get your geek on" and listened to the interview they did with Simply Stu while climbing. bad snow but great vewis and got a workout in.

VO2 max results!!!!

I went back for part two of the testing I was doing and got a blood draw and turned in my nutritional analysis. My treadmill test resulted in a gain from 16 months ago. I did the first V02 max test on a bike and it resulted in 51.6 and this test on the treadmill resulted in 55.2 so I am headed in the right direction. For a guy with life long Asthma it is great to be off the charts of average folks. I used to be the guy with 60% lung capacity but I am sure it is training that has increased this. My Max heart rate went from 195 to 198. All in all I was pretty happy with the tests. If any thing it conforms that the prior test was close and I have been using the right zones to train in. I am even more interested in the results from the nutrition analysis. They are going to look at what I ate over the 7 days I kept a log and activity schedule and give me an analysis. It was interesting to what I ate and think you know what you eat until you write it down and look at it.....hmmm???? just coffee and run in the morning, yep. binge junk and easy snacks right after a hard workout....yep!

hardcore workout

so On Friday it was cold and snowed 4 inches ( or more). With a promise to take Jennelle to school that morning we strapped the trailer to the bike and headed out for a great 40 minute ride to her school in deep snow. Wow the fresh was decent almost like powder skiing downhill. When you got in the street to cross it was a little icy. We took sidewalks and backroads since I had Jennelle back there so ultra careful. After I dropped her off in her snowsuit I rode the rest of the way to work, It is about 6 miles. Pretty good workout. I did not really feel like doing it back so grabbed a company car and picked her up for the way home ( kind of cheating in my bike commute but I think I earned it this time.)

Monday, February 13, 2006

just some pics

had a 90 minute run on Sunday, went ok but ran the last 30 minutes in pure dark. Wife ran a little long ( no complaints) and when she came back from her run not much daylight but no problem. Thought I would throw some random pics is a rest day/ ( started this post earlier ended up picking up Jennelle for a dance class and hitting the spin bike at the club while she was in class and then riding her home ( all on the single speed) so got about 90 minutes of riding in on my rest day.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

gets better everyday

beat my record swam 1250 meters. I found out today the pool is 25 meters not there really a difference? so after reading a blurb from Brett at he sums it up...swim alot. kind of how I became a cyclist...ride all of the time. so I swam until lanes closed and got in 25 laps. felt great. we will have a 50m pool open next month that they are building so excited about that. stopped by the club and set up a meeting on Sat a week from now for coaching session number 3. Bruce also came by today and showed me his new carbon fiber mountain bike ( Giant) he got for cost basically and even better after selling another bike so he is set for exterra. My Turner will do me just fine for Exterra. Podcast by Wil and the Kahuna was pretty good. I have one from Brett set for the run in the morning. We have to go to a birthday thing with our four year old and will likely take the tandem bicycle with the kid trailer for a little extra workout.

Monday: off
Tuesday: bike run brick workout
Wed : Swim
Thursday: Run
Friday: Swim
Sat: likely a indoor tri with Bruce after the the coaching session

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Outside ride with Rob

Finally enough snowmelt that we could ride outside. Rob and I rode our crossbike out on a road bike route we have for 2 hours at a nice pace. Still have gravel and ciders on the road so did not want to take our road bikes out yet. Started a little cold even though blueskies ( about 40 degrees) but once we got working warmed up. Great to get outside and off the trainer. Even found a nugget when I was swapping my studded cross tires to regular cross tires I found a VHS tape behind my bench of the 1996 ironman.........Back when I thought it was extreme I had a friend at work make me a copy now I look at that as something I WILL do so pretty nice moment as how time changes things. Between Simply Stu, Get your Geek on and the podfather....Zen and the art of triathlon lots of good podcasts out there. I was listening to Stu today and he played a cool clip of Bruce and I talking smack after a pool workout. run tomorrow......

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

top of the world ma!!!

1050 yards...most ever for me at one time!!!!!!!

shark day

hitting the pool today and really want to get some distance. I have not been leaving the pool drained so I am going to see how many I can get in with decent form. I will drop an audio post after the workout.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Good weekend

Ran with the dog ( Malamute, so winter is best) for about 70 minutes and I found myself running through 5 inches of snow in the forest where the snow had not melted off the trail. Good run, got back to the road and ran back on the side of the road in the cinders. My longer runs are feeling better, I find that it takes me about 20 minutes to get into the groove then its pretty solid from there. Sunday morning rode the trainer with Rob in the shop and we watched about 30 minutes of a 10 year old mountain biking video and laughed at the old school gear. We then did the train right video from CTS for intervals and then cooled down with the rest of the old school video for a total of 2 hours.....I hate trainers but just too cold to do a long outdoor ride.

Rode the cyclocross bike in today with the baby trailer easy ( active recovery) so that I can pick up my daughter for ballet later today while mom has the car. Should be a good week.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Signed up

ok I signed up for my first tri of the year at my old college ( Oregon state). here is the link:

short but I will be able to work out the kinks in the transitions. I also went to the pool and swam today and Bruce and I video taped our stroke and found some key things to work on, mine I already knew from my coach but nice to see from the outside. Bruce picked up some valuable things he needed to work on.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Trail run

I worked a little "Zen and the art of triathlon" in today and dropped daughter off at school and then car at brake shop to get fixed and realized I needed a run anyway so just ran from dropping car off back home where I am working virtual from home today. Took a self shot from my cell phone of the snow river trail. Good run and way to start the day.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I have to say that I just got back from the best swim ever. I swam for 35 minutes straight and for me that is a ton!! I lost track at about 15 laps. I really could only swim 1 length 3 months ago. A couple of things really clicked from my coach this swim. I was pulling my left arm too fast while breathing and needed to wait. Also my breathing got much calmer and I waited just a bit before exhaling and that really made a difference in how long before I needed air. The whole time I never felt like I was struggling for air. Did a lot of frill work too with a "crotch buoy"... not sure what they are called and did about 8 laps of arms only. Photo guy didn't show and to clarify the "sponsored" part Its a local bike team and I get the Hook up by being a long time part of the team doing mountain bike and cross bike races. Great family bike shop with a great race program and I was fortunate to on the team a few years back and they kept me.... check them out if ever in Bend Oregon. A plus service, 4 locations around Oregon.


Nice 45 minute trainer ride sweating indoors with the ipod cranking some greenday and then I jumped off and threw on the shoes and a hat and headlamp and into the snowy night for about 30 minute run. Really good workout. The day after a full rest day I feel so strong. I guess that is why we have rest days. Isis started a new job so the carpool family is in high gear. I am changing workouts a bit to accommodate but not a problem. Even though I will have the car today I am taking the bike to work to ride over to the pool at lunch and swim. I think the reporter that did the story on bike commuting in the snow is getting aphotoagroher to take some shots today so I need to remember to wear my Hutchs bicycle jacket to get some presstime for the sponsor!!!!