Thursday, February 09, 2006

Outside ride with Rob

Finally enough snowmelt that we could ride outside. Rob and I rode our crossbike out on a road bike route we have for 2 hours at a nice pace. Still have gravel and ciders on the road so did not want to take our road bikes out yet. Started a little cold even though blueskies ( about 40 degrees) but once we got working warmed up. Great to get outside and off the trainer. Even found a nugget when I was swapping my studded cross tires to regular cross tires I found a VHS tape behind my bench of the 1996 ironman.........Back when I thought it was extreme I had a friend at work make me a copy now I look at that as something I WILL do so pretty nice moment as how time changes things. Between Simply Stu, Get your Geek on and the podfather....Zen and the art of triathlon lots of good podcasts out there. I was listening to Stu today and he played a cool clip of Bruce and I talking smack after a pool workout. run tomorrow......

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