Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Nice 45 minute trainer ride sweating indoors with the ipod cranking some greenday and then I jumped off and threw on the shoes and a hat and headlamp and into the snowy night for about 30 minute run. Really good workout. The day after a full rest day I feel so strong. I guess that is why we have rest days. Isis started a new job so the carpool family is in high gear. I am changing workouts a bit to accommodate but not a problem. Even though I will have the car today I am taking the bike to work to ride over to the pool at lunch and swim. I think the reporter that did the story on bike commuting in the snow is getting aphotoagroher to take some shots today so I need to remember to wear my Hutchs bicycle jacket to get some presstime for the sponsor!!!!

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Flatman said...

You have a sponsor??? Cool!