Saturday, August 03, 2013

Still here.....I guess I could update this thing every great while.....still adventure: GORUCK

Monday, April 02, 2012


So I am off to do a sprint triathlon this next weekend and then start a new job with lots of travel.....I may do another ironman in the next few years so I am not done.

With that I will start a new venture in adventure travel and travel fitness and will start new blog or podcast or something and will keep all posted.

Friday, November 18, 2011

WINTER time is on us

Well not a great documented cyclocross season so lets see if I can do it in a short paragraph.

As I upgraded to Master B category I found myself move from the back of the pack to the middle to the front with a great finish of 7th at the Orchard race I won last year.....success!

I also found that tubeless cyclocross do not love me and I have switched back to my regular clincher setup for the final race this weekend.  It did snow at the house today so ski season is upon us.

The best part is that Cyclocross is fun, the fitness was there and time with friends rocked!

One more race and then off to skiing and planning next adventure.......maybe a 24 hour race or creampuff revisited...????????? hmmmmmm?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Great race....

The start of the Season has really started when you get a Cross Crusade race under your belt. over 1000 racers there and a full weekend of fun. From getting Ron to race his frost cross race ever to "Not" getting Glenned. In the end it was about taking a risk. the risk to upgrade to the B category. I have had a ton of people ask me why I moved up as I was not forced and not winning the C races ( well, I won one of them) and the answer was to take a risk. I am really racing myself and my weakness for short races. In years to come nobody will care how I placed...( or a day after the race in truth) so I am making the challenge harder and pushing myself. I ended up Middle of the pack ( MOP ) for most of the race, stopped to check a flat that was not a flat that lost me about 15 places. The last lap I faded for sure. I need to work on a strong start and a strong finish not a taper...

end result for Alpenrose: 97th out of 135....need to move up about 20 spots!!

Photo from

can you find me?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

time stop celebrating and start working

ok a few races under the and weight at the right place.......time to start WORKING!

By adding the Tuesday night CX clinic that has assisted in mid week workouts. I have reduce the Kyle workouts to one day a week as well. Life at work has changed recently to 12 hour days so sleep has been fitfull. I must admit the active lifestyle and cyclocross really helps in the work/life balance.

Monday, September 19, 2011

season opener

In short here is how the first three races went for the Cyclocross season

Thrilla on Thursday: wide corner first lap....into the soft dirt, breathed in lots of dust

Saturday at Hood double cross: bent chainring...DNF after crash

Sunday: kicked it into gear and almost mid pack after upgraded to harder group...NICE!!!!