Thursday, November 30, 2006

good stuff

You know when i get up at 5 sucks, I am tired even after going to bed early....but then after a cup of coffee it sucks less, then I drove to the mountain to ski this morning and it was 19 degrees out and windy and nobody wanted to join me this morning and it sucked again....but I slipped on the ipod listened to a great episode of Simply Stu on my climb up the mountain and it sucked less. I got to the top and took the skins off my skis and it was JOY!!!!! skiing at 6 in the morning with a headlamp on a workday...a "mini adventure"...I LOVE IT!!!!!! Damn all those fools who do not live life to the fullest. The rest of the day O felt like I cheated,,,,SWEETNESS!!!!!

pic above is near my brothers house in Utah, he took it at 6 am on his dawn partol...we think alike....We skied that peak in the distance last year..headed back in Jan.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I got all suited up to take the bike out in 4 inches if fresh Snow....Stoked.....It was dark, it was clod, it was snowy....then my wife says she is sick today so I need to take the car so I can take munchkin to school...Damn...I WANTED TO SUFFER!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006


I love the white stuff...and I am not talking Wonder bread!!!! I am all set to head out on another adventure filled commute to work on my cyclocross bike with studded snow tires....In case you never saw it I will post some pics of the bike and my commute tomorrow.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Great weekend with the family, got in one run and a workout that consisted of treadmill, stairclimber and freeweights and my little brothers job place ( Sheriff dept.) then proceeded to eat and drink and be merry. Did not sweat it as it is a holiday and back on course Monday. This morning went up the cindercone climb on the backcountry skis ( although not really backcountry today as in a ski resort area but little thin to ski in the trees yet) with Marsha, Chuck, rob and I. Did 3 laps, I am not sure of the gain but I think all together maybe about 1500 feet???. Good snow. Hit the pool manana.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

off and running

I have an excel spreadsheet that is a copy of the joe Friel workout plan for the year and I plan on sticking to it, My goal is to keep it up to date. I am also emailing my workout plan for each week to my three or four local training partners who will keep me on task so if I am supposed to go slow they will remind me and if I am supposed to go hard the will remind get the idea. I would post it on here but need to figure out how. Today I will swim and do weights before heading over the pass for Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

and end to a great day

So we went up and climbed about 1000 feet of vertical, no wind, sun was coming up...but snow was a little firm. No complaints since it was the first turns of the season. Got to the top of Red chair and decided the run with the best coverage was on Thunderbird. This is usually a run I avoid as most tourists are here and I stick to the back areas. But the mountain had not opened for opening day yet so a nicely groomed firm snow. The turns were nice. I realized ( and so did Rob ) t hat the running must have helped the ski fitness as no Quad burn. A nice way to start the day.

Off to work and sat behind the ol lap top for hours ( a peek into ) here and there. Went off to the pool and swam for only 500 meters as I had to run an errand as well but figured some quality drill practice was better than skipping it.

That night we had a our friend Stephanie come over with her son Ryder( wife and son of training partner Rob) to watch the munchkin as my wife Isis and I went out for a drink and then to a social gathering at the public library.....what?? How boring???? I am on the Bend advisory board and have been for 7 years and when I think library I think worlds of possibilities and information. When I could not swim last year it WAs the first place I went to find books video and drool over bikes in triathlete magazine so the world of the library has always been a very cool place to me.

So we get to the invitation only event for a book reveal where the library reveals a book for a program called "a novel idea" where the purchase like 500 book copies of the same book so everyone can read the same book at the same time and then discus it and they usually have the author come and do a reading an discus it. Kind of the Oprah book club on a local level. The book in the past have not really grabbed my interest but I will likely read them in future. So we all had a few gin and tonics and I had a gin on the rocks,,,,,,,I am telling you a rocking library!!!! ( they only serve alcohol at these events but nice eh???..................

the book was revealed........"BOWERMAN" By Kenny Moore. WOW!!!!! a book about the co-founder of NIKE??? Written by Olympic marathon runner KENNY MOORE???? And he is here to talk to tonight??? Holy smokes...right up my alley!!!! This is awesome. I do get a little excited about books. So then there is this raffle and they were giving away a bottle of wine, some hand made soaps and 5 autographed books.

I WON WON WON...I actually won something. I got the last book and had the author sign cool. I chatted with him about racing in the marathon in Mexico city and had told him I had trained for my marathon there as half my family lives in Mexico city. I asked if it was harder racing a marathon in Mexico city ( training wise...) and he looked at me and said..." oh...lots and lots of acclamatization and conditioning" and you could see the look on his face go back to the time and say "it was hard"

so I may not have been eligible for a new BMC bike in the raceathlete contest as I am racing IM Canada and not Wisconsin but I got a book. I bet the BMC bike is not even signed by the makers so there....but if anyone would like to trade the book for the bike please email me and we can talk about it :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

first ski

It is 5 am in the morning and sipping my espresso waiting for Rob to show up and we are going skiing this morning before work for a few runs...first ski of the season. All of the skiing we do is back country telemark so there is a workout there to climb up the hill first. great cross training.

temp is 20 and about 20 inches of snow ( not much) so we will go and poach at Mt. Bachelor on a run this morning.

plan for cross training this season is one ski mid week, one big one on Sunday and then swimm 3 times during week, bike commute to work and run 3 times a week. Well there will be more structure to it than that but you get the idea...we aint putting on no Winter weight!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

winter pic

kind of crusty cell phone pic but thats was all I had. Bruce with his new styling Italian winter riding jacket!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Super sweet 20 mile Mountain bike ride in 12 miles of snow trails,,,last big MTB of the season at least near my house. Put the studded cylocross tires on the bike and off to work I went in the snow, in the dark....ADVENTURE!!!!!!, swam this morning at 6 am that was kind of nice I may do that more as does not conflict with anything and pool felt good that early. Working on my year long training plan via the Joe Friel bible

Sunday, November 12, 2006

going to try and get one last big mountain bike ride in today with some friends as the snow is coming any day. We drove up to the ski area ( 15 minutes away) and they had 4 inches so could be anyday, looked out the window this morning and no white so trails shoud be good nearby so hope to get in a few hours today Posted by Picasa

shaved my beard into my "mad trucker" look for Hallowen but alas have shaved it all off because it scared the Fedex guy Posted by Picasa

here is a lake ( Doris lake) that we hikes up to to do open water swimming, great spot to do it, crytsal clear then after you can play Huck Finn Posted by Picasa