Saturday, January 31, 2009

weekly wrap up

workout completed today:

BIKE 2:20
20:00 Gearing Pyramid: 3:00 in easiest gear,
5:00 in next gear, then 5:00, finishing with 7:00.
-- your HR should be @70% during the final 6:00
3 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec recovery
-- every repeat should be as follows:
3 x thru the following:
40 sec in "medium" gear;
20 sec in "easy" gear;
30 sec in "hard" gear
This is a significant set that should be done indoors, if possible, for the sake of consistency. You'll be putting in a substantial distance at different intensities, giving you a chance to gauge your progress to this point in the season.
3 x (6.2 miles / 10km / 18:00) @75% w/2:00 recovery @60-70% intensity
#1 & 2@75%, #3 @84%
-- straight into:
3 x (3.1 miles / 5km / 9:00) w/2:00 recovery @60-70% in between
#1 @75%, #2 & 3 @84%
Continue spinning, bringing your HR back under 60% before finishing.
Hold your cadence at 90+ rpm throughout.
RUN 0:40
This is a steady aerobic effort to finish off your day -- do a quick transition after your ride and get on the run right away. Keep your HR under 75% throughout, and finish with 2-3:00 of walking to bring the intensity under 50% before stopping.

Friday, January 30, 2009

sunny day

after i buy the rollers it gets sunny of course.....murphys law

Thursday, January 29, 2009

First time on bike rollers

first time on the rollers

After a long search for some used rollers I scored a great locals deal. got on them today for the first time and several people I know wanted to see the first time hoping for a big crash... like this here. sorry went pretty well. after the session took a break and then got back on for about 20 minutes of no worries spinning and did not need the wall anymore. Unlike Brett who is still holding on to a post.......VIDEO ABOVE

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am going back to cali....

well almost...I got pretty close to the border today at the southern end of Oregon while on a business trip. I took running gear and a kettle bell. on the way back I stopped in a park and did lap around the park followed by kettle bell swings, another lap KB presses, another lap, power jumps on to each picnic table bench like a plyo box....another lap, pull ups on the swing set....another lap, pushups.....done!!!!! tired too but got a nice outdoor workout instead of coming home in the dark and running on a treadmill.

I also included my Obama secret service picture

Sunday, January 25, 2009

3 hours of fun

SO according to the schedule I was supposed to do:

RUN 1:30
See if you can find a route today that is a bit different than your usual "Sunday long run" -- adding a little variety can keep your attitude fresh. Just make sure to keep your HR under 75% (and closer to 70%) the entire time.
BIKE 0:45
This is the usual continuation of the morning's aerobic running effort. The reason for putting the short bike work *after* the run is to enable you to continue the effort & cool down more completely while reducing the banging on your legs.
but I get up to SNOW SNOW SNOW...I even considered going skiing but decided to wait on that. SO i went o Juniper to hit the treadmill for an hour plus and then finish with a the gym at 8:15.......gym opens at 9 AM...CRAP!!!!!! so I decided I would run outside in the cold until the gym opened up. I ran around the nearby high school doing laps around the building in fresh snow. Actually not bad once warmed up a little. did abut 3.5 miles according to the nike+ and then went over to the gym and hit the treadmill for another 20 minutes for about 2.5 miles....then I decided the timing was just right so I hit the 2 hour endurance spin class. I was a few minutes late but the class went last so I got a full 2 hours of spin on top of the run....not exactly what I had planned but close enough. first real week with some structure so feeling good too.

We went by Kyles new place while still in transition while he is moving in what a huge place compared to what he had before. I look forward to working out there for sure.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great freestyle swimming tip

This is the drill I have been working on in my swim workouts. I started pulling the stroke while I was getting air causing the body dip. so I have found this has helped a bunch. sticking to all my swim workouts pretty well. Off to ride a bike for 2 hours today..inside? outside? We will have to see how the weather plays out. right now it is 25 degrees out and partly cloudy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

week 15 of pre-season

Need to get on a spin bike? Sunday it gets this crowded at the fitness center...busy eh?

so started using the schedule I mentioned and this is this week. I have stuck to it except today I swam and then did a KMA with Kyle. Kyle is opening a bigger place this weekend so should be pretty cool, I will drop in and take some pics on Sat.

i really need a spin bike for being quiet....I am so loud on the morning with the trainer and when Chuck and I rode the spin bikes at the club for two hours Sunday we realized they were so quiet. We rode the two tall Keiser bikes in the bike because they had watts and are better bikes. I stayed at about 220 watts for the entire 2 hours. I do not know if that is good or bad? it was an endurance ride so that was my endurance speed.

I guess then again I could go without a spin bike because i would rather be outside on the bike for sure...but darkness and snow and ice etc etc...makes you hit the spinner so any really rich chicks that need a gigolo and want to trade for a nice spin bike email me :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well the nice weather turned into the inversion so icy and cold, saw lot sof people taking photos in the park of all the frosticles on the bushes ( yes Dan you too) so went to plan B. Plan A was to ride for 4 hours outside.....Plan B was 2 hours on the spin bikes at the swim center followed by 1000 meters of swimming. Chuck and I went together to keep ourselves honest. good workout and came home to find chili on the stove!!! I likey chili!!!

As Chuck is doing a month long race t make my wimpy 1 day Ironman look like a cop out he is good to train with. he is going to get us to do some 100 mile plus bike days back to back so he will make me stronger by pure scheduling of death rides.

I am going to meet with Kyle of the KMA to talk schedule but this schedule looks good for training...anyone else have ideas for schedules? just trying to focus this year.


Went from Sunny to an inversion here so that is sunny up at the ski resort and clod and icy down here in town......where I WANT TO BIKE!!!! Well adaptation I guess. I went to the pool yesterday to get in some long swims in the 50 meter pool and lots of people and only 25 meter pools....WHAT??? they bulk head is getting repaired so no 50 meter until they fix it. crap. and it was crowded so I bagged it and came home and ran in my new Team Sandbagger gear. got in about 6 miles and also did the Brett idea of stopping and doing 10 pushups every mile. I did it every time the ipod nike system gave me a time update...I ended up doing like 80 pushups. I can feel it this morning. Had a birthday party to go to and I am in training mode as there was great free beer there and I drank 7up since I still had to ride later. I ended up watching to episodes of DEXTER on DVD on the trainer......I hate the trainer....after 15 minutes. I am looking for some rollers to do to mix it up. Today the plan was to do a 4 hour bike ride outside. I need to check the sat photos and see if any clear air nearby. I may have to drive to sunshine.

blooper reel

yeee ha

Friday, January 16, 2009

back in the triathlon saddle

sunny day so got out on the road bike for an hour. nice weather for riding and the roads were clear. I swam the endurance swim workout below for about 1500 meters. I will swim again in the morning in the 50 meter pool and then a light mountain bike at maston later that afternoon. Finally looking for about a 4 hour ride on Sunday as the weather us warm so better take advantage of it eh??

Thursday, January 15, 2009

sausagefest 2009

this is how to train for base training...i ran after I got back and running on a flat surface was like cheating!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


We interrupt this 2009 Idaho Ironman training for a brief emergency trip to Utah to get in some turns and drink beer.....we shall return to the regularly scheduled workouts upon my return....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

fun day..I mean hard day

The new Brooks Cascadia shoe is great...I got them on sale on Jan 1st for 20% off. I also got a few pair of shoes for $50 since they were last years models....lets see 2 weeks ago $120.....this week $ kind of deal. Another tip is to change shoes everyday and also I left them in the box and after every run I am writing the mileage on the box on the top inside to know when to pahse them out of running, I will go about 500 miles a pair before I swap them to workout and hanging out kicks. Got to love the feel of running in new shoes. This week I got in 2 10k runs at about 52 minutes a piece. I want to get those to about 45 minutes. This is more training for th the Beaver Freezer, my first race of the year.

Thanks to super Barb did a Spinerval workout for 45 minutes...the game plan was to ski but no new snow sooooooo plan B was to go to Maston but it was 16 degrees outside so decided that indoor trainer sounded a little better. hit the Spinerval workout hard and sweated it up a bit..then went right into a WOD style from crossfit and did the following:'

3 rounds of:

400 meter run
10 65 pound over head thrusters
15 pushups
10 quick box jumps
10 kettlebell swings on each arm

Thursday, January 01, 2009

busy busy busy

so I have been planning on working out pretty much everyday knowing that 1 day always get screwed up, I have been busy running outside a lot despite the weather. Spinning on the bike trainer and swimming at least three times a week as Jennelle is in Swim team it makes it easy to get to the pool. I am doing about 90 minutes every day and going longer on days off. I ran two 10k runs this week along with some skiing and am also doing my weekly KMA with Kyle so I would say the training is kicked into full gear. I got new running shoes ( on super sale) today and am also scheduled to go to SUSAGEFEST III next week in Utah. I have been slacking on daily posts but it was the holidays. I will get it going on starting soon.