Sunday, December 28, 2008


I came across this organization that takes medals you earned and gives them to sick kids and adults. They use them as inspiration for people trying to struggle mile per proverbial mile. I decided I could part with a few of my medals so I picked out my half ironman medal, my Portland marathon Medal and my Disneyland medal ( they say kids really like those). As I was getting ready to take a picture Jennelle wanted to participate when she found out what they were for so she is also donating a medal she earned in one of her first races,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday workout complete!

Here it is...

Easy 38 minute run (treadmill is okay).
38 push ups
38 lunges (each leg)
38 box jumps
38 dips
Moderate 38 minute bike (easy 10 warm up, then alternate 1 minute hard out of the saddle, with 1 minute hard in the saddle, and 1 minute recovery repeat sequence 6-7xs, then cool down)
repeat push ups, lunges, etc....
Hard 38 lap swim
repeat push ups, lunges, etc....

Have fun!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

na na na na na say its your birthday!!!!!!

so this was my treat after the KMA ( kick my ass) workout with Kyle, we did the dirty dozen....ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!

so after a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill we alternated 1 excerixe for 12 reps and then back to the treadmill, then did the 1 workout and added another the to the treadmill, then repeated those 2 and added another etc etc.

We ended up getting through 9 rounds in 45 minutes :

they were air squats, burpees with a med ball thruster overhead, leg ups on the red box with ball overhead ( 12 per leg), then push-up position on kettelbells doing horizontal rows keeping balance on 1 while pulling the other alternating 12 each arm. then 12 splits with rubber-band, then 12 push-ups, then 12 overhead ball side to side jumps and then finally 12 wall sits with 18 pound bar overhead raises.........

then a few minutes of each of these:

reg. crunches, side crunches, bicycle crunches, leg crunches, then side planks and dips and normal plank......WEHHHHHHH

GOOD STUFF!!!! Now Kyle is working putting together a birthday challenge for me to do on Saturday. I am taking the next two days off in preparation for that day.

great day overall and even a call from the man from the north.....or was that women from the east?

First tracks

pretty late in the season for first ski but oh well, forgot my damn camera as well, Utrek and I up at 5:30 and skied the cinder cone twice at Bachelor. dry snow but played out. got in our two runs and back home by 8 am. they were shoveling sow out of the parking lpts and dump trucking it over to the ski lifts to use.....they are desperate.

Monday, December 15, 2008

18 degrees out

This was a picture from Sunday...first snow so had to throw the studded tires on and go out for a spin. hit a nice spin this morning on an old Carmichael training DVD that had a class on it. good intervals. then swam during Jennelle's swim team practice which keeps me doing laps at least 3 times a week.

KEY WORD: new mantra

tip of the day music by BEN FOLDS....good stuff

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I think these photos are about 1980 ish...I will have to see what my brothers say. but these are some early cycling photos of my brothers and I on our BMX bikes at our grandparents place ( those are my grandparents behind us not my parents) in Central Point Oregon where we would ride on their dirt driveway . punk kids I tell you! The choice of number plate numbers were very important and I had good old number 17, still my lucky number.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


well it went from clean dirt single track to snow and winter overnight. so with that I will be stuck inside for the most part on a trainer for awhile ( although as you all know I throw the studded tires on the bikes and do ride in the winter) with that I am going to focus the next few months on the swim. I did a 500 meter time trial and will start to white board my time trial results. the goal here is to do a timed event once every two weeks to see how the results are improving hopefully. With the Beaver freezer coming in April I will do them around those distances.

Swim: 500 yards 20 lengths (10 laps) in a 25 yard pool

Bike: 12 miles (bike map) Mostly flat, some hills, two out and back sections.

Run: 3.1 miles (run map) Mostly flat and fast course.

so with these short distance I can still trail most of the week for distance and use this as a hard workout in conjunction with my weekly KMA with Kyle Will

the pool I swim in is meters so i will go a bit longer when I do it...lets see:

so the other day I did 500 meters and did it in 12 minutes flat, not fast and granted I am not really a swimmer by nature but i endure prior to the bike and run.

last time i did the beaver freezer i came in third in my division with these times:

Drew HolmesBend, OR178M35-391:12:3000:10:19 (2:03.8) 00:01:16 00:34:36 (20.8) 00:01:35 00:24:44 (7:58.7)

swim was ok at 10:19, both transitions were pretty fast and the bike average at 20 mph was ok but can be improved on and the run at 24 minutes for a 5k was respectable.

goal is to move up a place this year. I went from 4th in 2006 to 3rd in 2007 so going for 1st or second. The key will be to make Utrek enter the mountain bike division :)

so off to enjoy the weekend and maybe even get in a hike up the cindercone and ski it???

Monday, December 08, 2008

out of bed

out of bed, made it to the USGP cyclocross race a watcher not a doer......that 24 hour flu killed me. feel good today, spin in the morning, swam tonight I AM BACK!!!!!

pics coming of the USGP

Saturday, December 06, 2008

down for the count

WOW!!!! I got the slam flu! I went running at 5 am on Friday and at mile 2 threw up on the trail and kept going and then it got worse fast, I limped home and passed out on the couch, My daughter woke me up to see why I was laying on the couch in my running gear and I had enough energy to call in to work sick, I take about 1 sick day every three years so I was down, I went to bed and slept for about 5 hours, got up and pulled out my laptop to do a few things and that drained me and back to bed I went for another 6 hours of sleep. WOW that hit me hard. I feel about 50% better today but the chance of me racing at the USGP are 0% though I may still go watch on Sunday ( the pros that is). being sick really sucks........alot.