Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training real world

Friday night trained on the actual race course for the creampuff. Utrek and I rode up to Aid station 2 at Windy Pass and found snow as Chuck had predicted. We hiked, rode, and got through 1.5 miles of snow on the trail. The trail was wet and slick at places. pretty demanding run, kept heart rate at about 165 up the climb with Utrek pacing me. time to aid 2 was 1 hour 17 minutes, would like to get that closer to 1 hour. Camped overnight and started next workout the next morning climbing up to heckletooth. We actually took a wrong turn at the top but had some beta on a bushwack location to find the trail. the shortcut will be called " Eugene's girlfriends shortcut". With the trail and brownie for energy we hit the summit and descended through some heinous terrain. trail condition were great once we got past the steep switchbacks.

Two days of solid training.....

creampuff training on heckletooth by drewhbend123 at Garmin Connect - Details

creampuff training on heckletooth by drewhbend123 at Garmin Connect - Details

creampuff training on course by drewhbend123 at Garmin Connect - Details

creampuff training on course by drewhbend123 at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, May 16, 2011

New bikepacking gear

While I love my Bob trailer and camping pulling all the fin stuff and the kitchen sink I am inspired by the Tour Divide racers that start in a month. They ride from Canada to Mexico unsupported and carry light gear. While I am doing a 100 mile mountain bike race in 55 days, these guys almost do that daily for a month!!!! They ride and camp carrying their gear and I found some awesome gear made in this cottage industry by REVELATE . So after a decent wait which was not a problem as we had quite the winter here My gear came this last weekend. I found the cost reasonable for such custom gear and the quality is high. I plan to put it through its paces with an overnight or two in the next week. Notice that the front carry's a sleeping bag and in the back seatpack I have a full size Bibler bivy sac and it still has half the space left.

Early review thoughts......very pleased. will post again after some real world use.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

loser move

So I decided to do a double day and rode my bike down to the studio to work out at Willrace performance. I threw on the Mountain gear and attached the running shoes on the back of the oh so sweet wingnut pack. Hit the workout no worries, got my ass kicked and then headed over to Utreks for a 2 hour ride. Utrek says to me " leave the shoes here or they are going to fall off your pack", I of course reply " no they are fine they will stay on there"..........after a great 2 hour ride and a 1 hour workout I am tired and as we roll back towards his house I ask " the shoes are still back there right?"......wait for it...........nope.

I turned around and rode the trail back, Phils, up the canyon, found one shoe. ask people on the trail if the found the other shoe and they think I am picking up pieces from a cougar attack. up the road to cross over, down Woody and back over to second shoe.

Monday, May 02, 2011

T minus 69 days until the creampuff 100 race

The training for the creampuff is coming along. last year I spent time doing long 50-60 miles every Sat. and Sun and a mid week ride and the normal training at kyles twice a week. This year I am trying to focus more on hills. It does not seem to be the distance that gets me but the amount of climbing. By focusing on my weakness I hope this year is a good finish. Here are the training days from this weekend which shows elevation gain for the two days at 4471 feet of climbing on trails.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Somebody must have ran into the garage....see that all the time!