Friday, March 31, 2006

out and about

For fun I was on the Get your geek on show Episode 11 and have also ben spending a lot if time on

these two resources keep me going!!!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

drugs on board

went to the doc and he said I had an infection but no big deal. gave me some amoxicil anti-biotics so should be good soon. Glad to have health care so I do not have to delay treatment. I am already feeling better, maybe since I saw the doc. He knows I have a race coming up and says I should be fine so that is good also. I am ok as this is a C race and at the worst I get a crusty time but work on transitions and being smooth. I just want to be fresh for a long ride on Sunday.


now I have a sore throat and what feels like a sinus infection, no workout since my crusty run where I self diagnosed not feeling 100% on Tuesday. i have an appt to see the the doctor this afternoon. He is a runner and I am sure will get me where I need to be for the race. I have had these before and they sap me for awhile but do not knock me out. I am still a go for the race

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

9 days

I am 9 days out from the Beaver Freezer and I am all hot!!!! I am ready to ill this thing. I had a run yesterday that I was about 20 minutes into when Bruce called on the cell phone. I answered it and said " Hey Bruce wassup? I am out on a trail run." He yells back at me " how can you make complete sentences? That means you are not running hard enough!!!!" That spurred me on harder. He is good like that. Talking about this upcoming race he reminded me that this is a C race not an A race so I better finish with nothing in the tank so that I know how big my tank is for the A race...good point. I plan on giving it my 101%, I would give 110% but that's too much....READY!!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

my little sweetheart just turned into a fierce Triathlete with no mercy for her competition!!!!, after hearing about dads race and having been to many of his mountain bike races she was stoked to do a kids triathlon. She cannot stop talking about it !!!! Thanks to Simply Stu and Coach Adam for the swag, that really excited her. My little girls just turned into a mean lean fighting machine!!!!!!!! She may end up like Iron Wil when she grows up. :) Posted by Picasa

high elbow Posted by Picasa

done with swim moving to the bike Posted by Picasa

T1 Posted by Picasa

working on t1 Posted by Picasa

focus!!! Posted by Picasa

off the bike from T2 Posted by Picasa

run Posted by Picasa

Sweeet Swag Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25, 2006

first Tri of the year SIMPLY STU WORLWIDE TRI

SO what a great morning!!! I had planned on doing the Simply Stu outside on my TT bike and had all the setup and was ready to go. jennelle and I drove the course last night about 7 PM and made sure the turnaround for the 15 mile bike and the 5k run were marked. I woke up at 5 am this morning to a dusting of plan B I logged on to triscoop to cry about it and Coach Adam ( the real coach not my brother Adam) said to man up so I got my cyclocross bike ready for a light snow time passed the snow kept falling to almost 6 inches so inside I went. I called my training buddy Bruce and we went to the Athletic club of Bend. With Bruce watching over me as the official and coach he got me set. Into the pool I went and 1/4 mile later was done, that was 8:50...not bad for me. started out too fast which is exactly what my coach told me not do do yesterday but I got caught up. transition was a little slow from Swim to bike at 1:58, putting on a bike jersey on a wet body is slow...that should be faster when my one piece gets here next week.

To the bike it was a fixed gear spin bike so not exactly totally realistic but had a nice distance dipalya and I rode 15 miles in 56:50 at a HR of about 165 the whole time. felt pretty good. Would have been better on a real bike.

fast transition to my running shoes with YANZ laces so about 17 seconds.

running indoors not too bad for the weather, at least real running and not stuck on a treadmill so my 5k took 27.37 and sustained a HR of 171 for most of it and finished the last half mile at a HR of 185. Felt Great and recovered fast after the end of it so that was A plus. Time to take a full weekend day off which will be a first in 5 months and get the gameplan for 2 weeks from today which is the next sprint race in Corvallis.

transistion times were approx. the total time for the 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 5k run was 1 hour 35 minutes and 27 seconds. not bad for my first one.

Thanks Stu

and turn....1/4 mile swim Posted by Picasa

do these make my butt look big? at least not sweating as much as this guy Posted by Picasa

stay aero so the fan does not slow you down Posted by Picasa

indoor track needed due to 6 inches of snow Posted by Picasa

get out of my way!!! I am running here Posted by Picasa

Simply Stu worlwide triathlon all done with great times for early season and first full out tri of the year. Posted by Picasa

Jennelle sportng the team gear I just got Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

money where the mouth is

My younger brother put his credit card on the table and called us out to sign up for the Portland marathon so we also signed up right then and there. we also one upped him and signed up for a half marathon two weeks prior to it in LA, also a chance to take Jennelle to Disneyland. should be fun!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006


I so got this swimming down!!!!! what a workout 1500 meters and breathing and form were Sweet!!!!!! lesson with coach on Friday, we will see if i am right or what

Friday, March 17, 2006

About a week out

Wow I actually feel pretty ready for my race next week, had a killer swim workout with masters group ( which I was scared to join) we swam about 3/4 of a mile total doing repeats and intervals...I could not believe it. Spent a week in Eugene Oregon for work and was proud of my on the road workouts, run and bike ( which I took with me). ate pretty well but not as well as when home.

spending a lot of time on just a fun group and inspiration and smack talk. I love the smack talk as it makes me smile a aND not take it all too serious. I really fell that i am on track for the full Ironman in 2007 but one step at a time.

Monday, March 06, 2006

getting there

only a month away now from the race, although I will have Simply Stus race in 3 weeks for a great warmup. next weekend to see my brother and his new baby with Melissa then the next weekend mountain biking in Hood River with buddy Steve and then Stus race then the Sprint race for real.....WOW busy 4 weeks. Swam today for about 30 minutes. squeezed in at a club where my daughter takes ballet and I swim while she is dancing so multitasking is a plus

Friday, March 03, 2006


I am now about 4 weeks out from the first race of the season the Beaver Freezer sprint tri. I am feeling really good in the water and have focused on this weakness and had a great workout today swimming about 1500 meters. Really working in using the total immersion technique to conserve energy and swim efficient. Rode the time trial bike for the first time yesterday for about an hour and then did a run for a great brick workout. The bike felt different and will take some getting used to but I see the comfort and speed potential there. This weekend I plan on a long run on Saturday and then a longer mountain bike ride out east of town on Sunday. I hope my Canadian friends Dave and Lisa stop in as they are great swimmers and could use some tips. They are in Mexico and may stop by on their way home. I need to set a goal for this race but have not decided what it is yet. I am going to preride the course in 2 weeks and will decide then.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Had a great co-host show with Brett on Zen and the art of triathlon.....check out the links and all that jazz at it out!!!!!!!!!!

Here iare some shots as well of cross training...skiing backcountry in Utah last Sat. with my bro Adam or as we like to call him in the islands...AKUMA!!!!