Thursday, May 31, 2007

A few more pics

Here are a few more pics from the weekend. Plan for this weekends adventure race/Mountain bike race and then follow up 65 mile ride on the tandem at the "Double Dawg" are coming together.....lets just say that Monday will be a rest day for sure....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

great weekend.

Saturday...took the family for an outing. Jennelle and I did the cyclocross/tag along bike combo while Isis hit the MTB and we rode about 4 miles to a trail head. We locked the bikes to a tree and hiked up the river trail for a few miles to have a picnic. nice bike/hike/family outing.

Sunday. I had a great 65 mile bike ride with Anthony, Erik, Johnathon and Dave. Up to Mt. Bachelor from town ( for jetpack and Texafornia we call this a hill..... 3623 ft in town up to 5800 feet at the ski area parking lot ...........climbed 2177 feet in about 18 miles). coming back down we hit a tailwind and were cruising down at 49 miles per hour....not bad except a few cross winds freaked us out at that speed.

Monday had a killer group mountain bike ride followed by an excellent BBQ........great time....I must admit that after cleaning the teeter I went back for one more and bit it big time!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Individual Results for Entire Race
May 19, 2007
Place Name Town Bib# Category Overall
Swim (500
yds) T1 Bike (12.5
mi) T2 Run (3.1 mi) *

21 Drew Holmes Bend, OR 33 RM35-39 1:13:16 00:09:15?
(1:51.0) 00:01:40? 00:36:06
(20.8) 00:00:24 00:25:51

27 David Speirs Vancouver, BC
Canada 71 RM60-69 1:14:39 00:08:24
(1:40.8) 00:01:45 00:38:49
(19.3) 00:01:17 00:24:24

So here are the results from the Lebanon triathlon.

so overall came in 21st out of 95 entries, Swim estimated at 9:15, bike at 36 minutes and run at 25 minutes/ total time was 1:13:16

I have to say not sure if really right but then again time is pretty close to my time at the beaver Freezer. I had super fast transistions here and they put me down for 00:01:40? that is not right for sure. I had like a sub minute transition both times. At the same time the fuys that beat me did so woth speed not mistakes on the timing for sure. i am super impressed by my Buddy Daves times.....this guy is 61 and a speed demon and has yet to peak as he starts his second season of triathlon.

So this weekend ( memorial day) plan on a weight training psuedo crossfit workout today and then long ride Sunday and mountain bike Monday with a group. but going long all days, may even do a workout ride the morning on Monday early before the more relaxed ride Monday with the group so I will not be tempted to take off.

I like this pic above that Marsha sent me because it has me running in the redwoods but also because it is the only time I will be pacing super Chuck. ( he was at the end of the marathon with a knee that was bothering him) Chuck is heling organize an adventure race next week that I am going to do. That will be a long day as I also have a mountain bike race that day and then the night time adventure race. Should be fun.....they always are.

Friday, May 25, 2007

almost passed out...seriously KMA BABY!!!!

Oh Kyle kicked my ass ( KMA) yesterday went in feeling good for my crossfit type workout with Bruce and wow!!! I hit the wall about 40 minutes in and had to take a knee outside and got all hazy and about dropped......I was able to recover to do abs but man was I white and pasty. of course I am psyched for more. here was the workout nest I can recall with some help fro Bruce's memory:

5 min. doing hill repeats up a medium hill

25 pushups

1 minute bridge while partner did side to side jumps over you and then switch places for next min.

jog down hill and then do bear crawl laps up the hill in the grass ( did about 4 reps up same med. hill)

1 minute of large box jumps holding a 12 lb. med ball

1 minute jump rope

1 miutue hitting a heavy bag hard with gloves

1 minute doing mountain climbers while balancing hands on large plyo ball

treadmill at slight decline at 1 mile race pace

jump rack for 1 minute doing jump squats

1 minute doing side hurdles

1 minutes doing squat rack one leg at a time jumping side to side

1 minute doing side hurdles again with 12 lb med ball......( i dropped ball...i was wasted and then hit a hurdle)

head back to hill ( this is where i really almost passed out and took a 2 minute breather)

2 min laps on hill ( I could not finish)

then did jog down hill and did a backwards bear crawl....ugggggggghhh


100 crunches 50 bicycle 25 v ups
50 reverse 25 sideplank each side 25 superman

so i was okay after a nd went and got Jennelle on the bike with the trail a bike and was tired but still could function. had a beer when i got home for sure. This morning went out for a 1 hour mountain bike ride and will go swim for about 30 minutes at lunch but easy working on bilateral breathing. rode the moto to work today and do love that bike but think I need a BMW 1150gs for what I really intend to do with it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

new toy

So I had a timex HR monitor as did my wife. they did not really work that well so we took both of them back to REI and then they had a sale and we got the new ( now older) Garmin 305. It uses GPS and you can map where you went and shows you real time pace and distance as well as a bunch of other bells and whistles. Th one reason I like it is I tend to wander around when running and never know how far I went. So yesterday I took it out and I know I an 9 miles because that is what the watch said and it updated as I went. I can also download a map of where i went which I will do later. This part would be cool for marking where a ride went. I will do that this Sunday and pit a map on the blog as we plan on doing a long ride Sunday morning. I actually thought the thing was too big but on my wrist it weighs nothing. The cost was $350.....too much. but now it was on sale for $200 so after returning the older timex cost us like $30 additional on top of the returned money. i am curious about use in the pool????? I do not think this is a good idea.

So I ran a solid 9 miles yesterday and then planned on going to the pool at lunch to swim. I got there and changed out of my motorcycle gear and then there I was standing naked relizing that i had forgot my swimsuit. I had everything but the swimsuit...goggles, towel, cap, etc......DAMN!!!! do i changed back into all the moto gear and off I went( speaking of how about this bike rack? I love this site for my other passion).........Oh well. I gues it was a sign that I needed to rest a bit more as we have a KMA session today. its been a few weeks since I met with Kyle who I am sure will put us through our hoops today.....should hurt.

i did plan on doing a duathlon this weekend here in Bend but then found out it was $ thanks, I need to money for gear or for another KMA session. I am also trying to save on the side for a concept 2 rower that cross fit uses a lot. I think it would be a good addition to the routine.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

race report

Ok I still do not have the official results and they were all screwed up and doubt they will ever be fixed but oh well....a small race.

So I have to say i really thought about bagging this sprint tri even though I paid for it because of how sick I was. stayed home from work 2 days ( still worked on my laptop but sick nonetheless)

Dave and Lisa and their son Arthur flew down in their Cessna from Canada to attend and Dave ran the course as well. The night before still felt so-so but decided to "give er a go".

Swam the 500 yard in a pool and i was first of 4 folks in the pool and led for 10 laps and decided "hey???? why am i doing all the work" and pulled aside and jumped back in the middle of the four so I could draft a while.....................Better!!! do not know the time because we do not have any splits yet....:(

fast transition and off on the bike....the corners were crap...the volunteers did not stop traffic and the worst was the cop at one corner who did not looked like he could direct a high school band let a lone traffic during a bike race. almost got hit twice but I was proactive of course...maybe I am a car magnet at these races??

the bike went strong as I sucked up a few people and passed them, nobody ever passed me on the bike and I caught wave 1 ( I was in wave 2),,,but the damn rear wheel cover was rubbing a bit again. I later took it off and threw it away...never helped I decided. The ride was an out and back of great country roads, slightly wet from rain and a bit chilled but I like that.

Back to the T2 and fast T2 and started run but had no idea where to go????? had to ask again as course not well explained other than a super micro map they had mailed us. i ran down the sidewalk following these chalk arrows...Ok I like chalk arrows.....easy enough and then after a bout a 1/2 mile at the first major corner no arrow!! Where do I go ? I yell to a volunteer..."which way????" he does not know and was also one of the volunteers that almost got me hot by a car on the bike so no luck there. i lost at least 45 seconds trying to figure out where to go. I finnaly decided to follow another runner who came up after me and off I went. luckily it turned out to be the right way. A goof y race course for sure on foot. I felt really good on the run though. Would like to know my times but no idea on the times. total time ended up being 1 hour and 13 minutes.

at the awards ceremony i was awarded 4th place in the wrong age category and when I went to correct it he said if i changed to the correct age category i would be out of the top 5....I explained that was ok as i wanted to be put in the correct age category.

so all in all a fun outing tough even though I was bitching. Dave came in only a minute or two behind me and he is 61 years old....GO SUPERDAVE!

next day 55 mile road ride and then Monday did bout 1200 meters working on bilateral breathing.

Monday, May 21, 2007

quickie update

Well coming off a sickness hit a sprint tri on Sat, Rode 55 miles on Sunday and swam 1000 Monday morning working on the dreaded off side breath technique.....guess I am feeling better.

Friday, May 18, 2007

feeling better

Ok I am feeling better today but do not plan on doing a workout, I got some forced taper this week due to illness. lost a few pounds through not having an appetite. I am going over to the lebanon srint triathlon to see how it goes. I am meeting long time freind Dave Speirs from Canada (superdave) since he has 20+ years on me and may beat me.....

ok here is a pic of the day. How much cooler can a guy look in a TT helmet and a Captain Aemrica skin suit?????


Thursday, May 17, 2007

photo from race

last time I cut and paste a photo got in trouble so here is just a link to the site so you all can go buy me a copy :)


*** on a side note been sick the last two days, picked up some bug as did my wife so we have ben down for the count....may or may not be racing the sprint triathlon on Saturday, we shall see

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

race report for jdub

Single Speed
 Pl   Num    First Name     Last Name            City                     Time
1 922 Geoff Huber Springfield 01:51:30.00
2 944 Timothy Jones Bend 01:54:29.00
3 809 Pat Kudszus Salem 02:00:12.00
4 915 Brian Merritt Bend 02:01:53.00
5 864 Kurt Haas Salem 02:02:10.00
6 942 Walter Sorenson Cottage Grove 02:04:17.00
7 967 Todd Raudy Bend 02:04:18.00
8 950 Robert Kliehaur Eugene 02:09:07.00
9 906 Drew Holmes Bend 02:15:06.00
10 820 Steven Basden Portland 02:18:14.00
11 825 Warren Rice Sisters 02:23:36.00
12 961 Andy Fecteau 02:25:12.00
13 872 Brian Uballez Bend 02:27:05.00

The Cascade chainbreaker is a great race in Bend put on by Webcylery. about 200 people eneterd the race and since I am not focusing on mountain bike racing this year decided to do it as a hard training ride and did it on a single speed
The course was almost all single track and was about 26 miles. It was a two loop course and I knwew the course well as it was about the 4th rime I had raced it.

here is an article in our local newspaper. Pro Adman Craig won the pro division in three laps with a single speed...crazy!!!!

Here Are pics from my blog of my bike $13.50.......I call it that because Utrek and I put it together witha throwaway frame and $13.50 in spare parts along with junk we had laying around. third race on it and it is a solid performer.

I set a decent pace and once i settled in about mile 5 I just kept the pedals a moving. The thing with a single speed was i was unable to blow up as i could not over work myself, I think the stringest guys were the ones that could keep the tempo up on the hyills. I slowed down on the hills and have extra wide
bars so using upper body was key. ( the KMA sessions paid off as not too bad)

I could see the ss crew pulling a way but we were mixed in with sport class and womens pro so we got bottle nexked a few times on the single track
after lap 1 I was still feeling solid and I went through 2 GU packs and about half my camel back
filled with NUUN and Carbo pro...but by mile 20 I needed to stop for like 30 seconds and grab another GU out of my pack as 4 guys passed...DAMN!!!

finished hard and passed a few guys but then after I rode over the finish line took me longer than anticipated so i had to ride another 4 miles out to the road pronto to get my ride to a BBQ

all in all a great day...I was hammered and drank mucho beer and had great beef ribs at the BBQ

If I find some pics I will throw them on....


decided to get at least 45 minutes to an hour ride every morning before work now that the sun is up early and the temp decent so............ after Utrek bailed because it was either too cold or he was too tired...WAHHHHHHHHHH..................headed out solo with the ipod and hit the single track for 10 miles this morning, very nice. came back and used my new pull up board from my buddy Chris at Metolius climbing.

My bro Scotty helped me install this weekend and it works like a charm. did three sets of 5 pull ups ( arms still a little tired from pull up contests with Scotty) with three sets of squats on the dynamex ball.

that was nice jumpstart to my workout to work and plan on lunch time swim of 1500 meters and then a 5k run.

Monday, May 14, 2007

quick update

My computer crashed at home and ohhh what a week with that thing. here are some pics from the Redwoods and then I will be doing a race report on my single speed mountain bike race from this weekend. I came in 9th and felt pretty solid. The bike I rode before was old $13.50......the reason i call it that is because that is how much the bike cost. I toook spare parts and a throw away frame someone gave me and Utrek and I built a single speed for only $13.50......

Thursday, May 10, 2007

local connections to IM Canada




These are the locals from Bend that are also doing ironman Canada. ( not the north Bend, thats on the coast....) I have met Matt Lieto and had beers with him after the half last year, nice guy. Tonya works at the library that I am on the advisory council for. I met David at the pool the other day, he looks and swims like i will see him only the first 30 seconds of the race. I got a call from Susanna last night regarding a bicycling issue and I will chat with her today

small town. I have a feeling i will be the slowest of th group having met them and/or they have also done a few IM in the past. Time is coming up fast.

Today is a Swim coach day followed by a bike ride for a few hours.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I rode my bike to work and at lunch Utrek and I went for a nice 2 hour ride. on my way back to the office i was at an intersection to turn and in the lane waiting for the light to turn green. It changed and I went to turn in the intersection downtown and WHACK!!!!! i missed the pedal and the speedplay pedal came back up and hit me. I was more embarrassed that I looked like a dork but then later it started to i took out a gouge in my shin. then almost back to the office i got a flat....GEEZ!!! I made the dreaded call and had Bruce just run from the office and get me instead of changing it because i needed to get back. LOSER!!!! but I have picked up Bruce a few times so we are not quite even yet................

and yes I am wearing cycling sox at work...............not the ones i rode in but a different set....

Family trip

I wanted to go to Wildflower but had to work before and after and I had an Appt. in southern Oregon so i was able to go to the Redwoods with the family and be a spectator at the Avenue of the giants Marathon. Our friends Chuck and Marsha went as well. They had preplanned the trip[ and then were going kiteboarding for a few days after that. Chuck ran his marathon sub 4 hours ( poor for him, bad knee during the race, Chuck has a background in triatholon going back to the late 1980s and has one IM under his belt along with countless adventure races ( professional Timex Team). He takes a licking and keeps on ticking...unless his knee is bothering him.

Marsha ran her 1st 10k and rocked!!! 5th place very proud!.

Isis ran her half marathon and just did not feel well and did OK but she has done better.

I really enjoyed running through the Avenue of the giants with no cars pretty sweet...those things are huge!!!!!! When I get pics of our trip from Marsha I will post them.

This week, getting back on schedule!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Say hello to my little friend!!!

Well I have a love hate relationship with these heavy balls so I bought one for home use. Here was my early morning Workout of the day:

1/4 mile run outside
15 burpees using the heavy burly ball and raising it over head
50 rotations on jump rope

do 4 rounds of that and then did 50 crunches and side planks ( 20 each side)

Plan on doing swimming again this afternoon. 5 sets of 200m. I am working on form after my least lesson and the pool is now 50 meters through the summer so that is sweet. working on getting my entry angle and depth the same on each side. my left is a bit shallow and my right is a bit deep so working on "'balance".

I am really working out hard this season with my IM goal. I think why I am so focused late in life is i never had sports or health growing up. I was a very sick asthma kid that weighted 90 pounds wet. I took a handful of medication everyday and was hospitalized more times that i know ( or at least rushed to the doctor). The fact that I can now go out and do any of these things and even compete is crazy looking back. I did find one benefit talking to a buddy the other day ( I think it was Dan Davis) was that since he ran for years and years growing up his knees are shot. I never ran growing up so they are fresh!!!!!

I can say my daughter does not have these issues as she seems healthy as a horse and never stops moving. I will go watch her do gymnastics on Thursday...should be fun.