Tuesday, May 15, 2007

race report for jdub

Single Speed
 Pl   Num    First Name     Last Name            City                     Time
1 922 Geoff Huber Springfield 01:51:30.00
2 944 Timothy Jones Bend 01:54:29.00
3 809 Pat Kudszus Salem 02:00:12.00
4 915 Brian Merritt Bend 02:01:53.00
5 864 Kurt Haas Salem 02:02:10.00
6 942 Walter Sorenson Cottage Grove 02:04:17.00
7 967 Todd Raudy Bend 02:04:18.00
8 950 Robert Kliehaur Eugene 02:09:07.00
9 906 Drew Holmes Bend 02:15:06.00
10 820 Steven Basden Portland 02:18:14.00
11 825 Warren Rice Sisters 02:23:36.00
12 961 Andy Fecteau 02:25:12.00
13 872 Brian Uballez Bend 02:27:05.00

The Cascade chainbreaker is a great race in Bend put on by Webcylery. about 200 people eneterd the race and since I am not focusing on mountain bike racing this year decided to do it as a hard training ride and did it on a single speed
The course was almost all single track and was about 26 miles. It was a two loop course and I knwew the course well as it was about the 4th rime I had raced it.

here is an article in our local newspaper. Pro Adman Craig won the pro division in three laps with a single speed...crazy!!!!

Here Are pics from my blog of my bike $13.50.......I call it that because Utrek and I put it together witha throwaway frame and $13.50 in spare parts along with junk we had laying around. third race on it and it is a solid performer.

I set a decent pace and once i settled in about mile 5 I just kept the pedals a moving. The thing with a single speed was i was unable to blow up as i could not over work myself, I think the stringest guys were the ones that could keep the tempo up on the hyills. I slowed down on the hills and have extra wide
bars so using upper body was key. ( the KMA sessions paid off as not too bad)

I could see the ss crew pulling a way but we were mixed in with sport class and womens pro so we got bottle nexked a few times on the single track
after lap 1 I was still feeling solid and I went through 2 GU packs and about half my camel back
filled with NUUN and Carbo pro...but by mile 20 I needed to stop for like 30 seconds and grab another GU out of my pack as 4 guys passed...DAMN!!!

finished hard and passed a few guys but then after I rode over the finish line took me longer than anticipated so i had to ride another 4 miles out to the road pronto to get my ride to a BBQ

all in all a great day...I was hammered and drank mucho beer and had great beef ribs at the BBQ

If I find some pics I will throw them on....

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jameson said...

awesome man!! Thanks.

Is there anything better than laying down on a MTB all day and following it up with a BBQ & beer? I don't think so. congrats!