Wednesday, May 23, 2007

race report

Ok I still do not have the official results and they were all screwed up and doubt they will ever be fixed but oh well....a small race.

So I have to say i really thought about bagging this sprint tri even though I paid for it because of how sick I was. stayed home from work 2 days ( still worked on my laptop but sick nonetheless)

Dave and Lisa and their son Arthur flew down in their Cessna from Canada to attend and Dave ran the course as well. The night before still felt so-so but decided to "give er a go".

Swam the 500 yard in a pool and i was first of 4 folks in the pool and led for 10 laps and decided "hey???? why am i doing all the work" and pulled aside and jumped back in the middle of the four so I could draft a while.....................Better!!! do not know the time because we do not have any splits yet....:(

fast transition and off on the bike....the corners were crap...the volunteers did not stop traffic and the worst was the cop at one corner who did not looked like he could direct a high school band let a lone traffic during a bike race. almost got hit twice but I was proactive of course...maybe I am a car magnet at these races??

the bike went strong as I sucked up a few people and passed them, nobody ever passed me on the bike and I caught wave 1 ( I was in wave 2),,,but the damn rear wheel cover was rubbing a bit again. I later took it off and threw it away...never helped I decided. The ride was an out and back of great country roads, slightly wet from rain and a bit chilled but I like that.

Back to the T2 and fast T2 and started run but had no idea where to go????? had to ask again as course not well explained other than a super micro map they had mailed us. i ran down the sidewalk following these chalk arrows...Ok I like chalk arrows.....easy enough and then after a bout a 1/2 mile at the first major corner no arrow!! Where do I go ? I yell to a volunteer..."which way????" he does not know and was also one of the volunteers that almost got me hot by a car on the bike so no luck there. i lost at least 45 seconds trying to figure out where to go. I finnaly decided to follow another runner who came up after me and off I went. luckily it turned out to be the right way. A goof y race course for sure on foot. I felt really good on the run though. Would like to know my times but no idea on the times. total time ended up being 1 hour and 13 minutes.

at the awards ceremony i was awarded 4th place in the wrong age category and when I went to correct it he said if i changed to the correct age category i would be out of the top 5....I explained that was ok as i wanted to be put in the correct age category.

so all in all a fun outing tough even though I was bitching. Dave came in only a minute or two behind me and he is 61 years old....GO SUPERDAVE!

next day 55 mile road ride and then Monday did bout 1200 meters working on bilateral breathing.

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TRI-ROB said...

Dude! I'm definitely NOT doing that race next year! Sounds like a complete debacle... but it also sounds like you kept a good attitude. You rock man!