Friday, May 25, 2007

almost passed out...seriously KMA BABY!!!!

Oh Kyle kicked my ass ( KMA) yesterday went in feeling good for my crossfit type workout with Bruce and wow!!! I hit the wall about 40 minutes in and had to take a knee outside and got all hazy and about dropped......I was able to recover to do abs but man was I white and pasty. of course I am psyched for more. here was the workout nest I can recall with some help fro Bruce's memory:

5 min. doing hill repeats up a medium hill

25 pushups

1 minute bridge while partner did side to side jumps over you and then switch places for next min.

jog down hill and then do bear crawl laps up the hill in the grass ( did about 4 reps up same med. hill)

1 minute of large box jumps holding a 12 lb. med ball

1 minute jump rope

1 miutue hitting a heavy bag hard with gloves

1 minute doing mountain climbers while balancing hands on large plyo ball

treadmill at slight decline at 1 mile race pace

jump rack for 1 minute doing jump squats

1 minute doing side hurdles

1 minutes doing squat rack one leg at a time jumping side to side

1 minute doing side hurdles again with 12 lb med ball......( i dropped ball...i was wasted and then hit a hurdle)

head back to hill ( this is where i really almost passed out and took a 2 minute breather)

2 min laps on hill ( I could not finish)

then did jog down hill and did a backwards bear crawl....ugggggggghhh


100 crunches 50 bicycle 25 v ups
50 reverse 25 sideplank each side 25 superman

so i was okay after a nd went and got Jennelle on the bike with the trail a bike and was tired but still could function. had a beer when i got home for sure. This morning went out for a 1 hour mountain bike ride and will go swim for about 30 minutes at lunch but easy working on bilateral breathing. rode the moto to work today and do love that bike but think I need a BMW 1150gs for what I really intend to do with it.

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