Thursday, May 24, 2007

new toy

So I had a timex HR monitor as did my wife. they did not really work that well so we took both of them back to REI and then they had a sale and we got the new ( now older) Garmin 305. It uses GPS and you can map where you went and shows you real time pace and distance as well as a bunch of other bells and whistles. Th one reason I like it is I tend to wander around when running and never know how far I went. So yesterday I took it out and I know I an 9 miles because that is what the watch said and it updated as I went. I can also download a map of where i went which I will do later. This part would be cool for marking where a ride went. I will do that this Sunday and pit a map on the blog as we plan on doing a long ride Sunday morning. I actually thought the thing was too big but on my wrist it weighs nothing. The cost was $350.....too much. but now it was on sale for $200 so after returning the older timex cost us like $30 additional on top of the returned money. i am curious about use in the pool????? I do not think this is a good idea.

So I ran a solid 9 miles yesterday and then planned on going to the pool at lunch to swim. I got there and changed out of my motorcycle gear and then there I was standing naked relizing that i had forgot my swimsuit. I had everything but the swimsuit...goggles, towel, cap, etc......DAMN!!!! do i changed back into all the moto gear and off I went( speaking of how about this bike rack? I love this site for my other passion).........Oh well. I gues it was a sign that I needed to rest a bit more as we have a KMA session today. its been a few weeks since I met with Kyle who I am sure will put us through our hoops today.....should hurt.

i did plan on doing a duathlon this weekend here in Bend but then found out it was $ thanks, I need to money for gear or for another KMA session. I am also trying to save on the side for a concept 2 rower that cross fit uses a lot. I think it would be a good addition to the routine.


Jamie said...

Haha, a motorcycle bike rack? That looks like some funky sort of machine porn or something. Bike-on-bike loving.

jameson said...

yeah man... the Garmin is killer. I resisted the urge to buy one for a long time but I am glad I finally brokedown..

seaducer said...

Hey Drew,

Check around for other software that works with the Garmin. I like Sporttracks better then the included software, though I run both. It is water proof but for rain and sweat only. Don't swim with it! I think the hr strap can be swum in, so you can use it for tri's, the multisport feature is pretty cool. But don't swim with it.
Drew in NJ

blink140pnt6 said...

Bike on bike, thats sick!