Wednesday, June 28, 2006

post race

Wow, 4 days after the race now I feel pretty fresh but the sunburn blistered up a bit and hurt for a few days.....hard to sleep but I should be redy for the Exterra race in Seattle in 10 days, I am suprised I feel so good so that does make me fee happy. The newspapers around here focused on how hot it was during the race so it was not just me.

interview regarding the race from jetpack can be found here:

Thanks Jet pack and check out his story, inspirational

Sunday, June 25, 2006

2006 Pacific crest Half Ironman

Wow what a race.

So it started out 9 months ago with the decision to do this...I could not swim....I signed up anyway. Here is how the day broke down.....

Night before: Cant sleep, really worried about the swim, I tossed and turned all night. Just could not relax. I woke about 5 am as the sun was barely up.....I called jetpack from my porch and had to tell somebody I was freaked. Bruce finally shows up at 6:30 and he can tell I am buzzing with nervous energy. He has been to many races with me and can read me like a book. We talk smack back and forth and it calms me....That's what friends are for.

At the venue: I drop the shoes off and the bike is already at the lake yesterday and we wait for a shuttle to take us up to the lake. I am queasy on the bus from too much nervous energy. Once at the lake I see the actual buoys ......Holy &%&^$&^$...they are twice as far out as I saw last night......Oh my. I am gonna be sick. no time to spare because we are in the last bus so wetsuit on, bike all ready and I slip into the water to feel the temp.....perfect.....ok one less thing for me to worry about. I lay in the water face down and fell assured as the wetsuit supports my weight. ok I feel better I will not sink to the bottom of the big lake. The pros go, then 1 minutes later the next wave then 4 minutes later our wave. next thing I know 5,4,3,2,1 GO!!!! I am off in a sea of arms and legs....but I admit not as bad as the nightmares I had. still in panic mode I have many doubts about 200 meters in......What am I thinking?????? I see a guy in a wave grab a bout at buoy 2....he is DNF.....I WILL NOT DNF if this takes me all day. I am alone and have lots of space and feeling ok......."wham" an arm hits me, its the next wave catching me.....ok relax, I kind of breast stroke and find my place.....ok I am better. The buoys are huge and easy to see and the crowd is easy to follow like a pack of lemmings so sighting not as abad as I thought.....buoy 4.....Ok I am in a rythem...I will make it ok....I keep on and see the last buoy to turn and start to turn for the finish.....wait where are those guys going???.....oh another buoy even farther out??? crap. ok swim after 55 minutes I swim 1.2 miles....the last 200 meters I has the biggest smile on my face!!! I DID IT!!!!! wow what a great feeling.

T1....out of the water....lots of bikes left that's good!!! Pretty decent T1 and off on the bike, I start down the road and realize my left TT bar with my shifter is loose?.....I pull over and pull a tool out and fix it. It only took about 5 seconds so no biggie.....NOW it all about PACMAN FEVER....I am eating up dots on the bike. down the road I go passing these Masters swimmers....yeah you can swim like a dolphin and I swim like a rock but I got you on the bike!!! so the bike portion feels great. I think I averaged about 20 MPH and with a Mountain pass in there that's not too bad. All in all the bike was a pleasant place to be and I felt at home on the bike and the home course.

T2....roll the bike in after 58 miles ( yes 2 miles longer than a normal half but no way around it due to geography) into the T2 and that went smooth as well.....Lets see I brought a hat to run in but I hate wearing hats,,,,I will leave it .........BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!

as I leave the T2 I spectator cheers on his friend "hey you want a beer or martini at the end?" a martini he yells back and I chime in that I want one as well. He yells back to me..."Gin or Vodka?" and I yell back Gin of course.

The run starts out ok, legs a little stiff but the heat starts into me right away at about mile 3 and never lets up.....PURE HEAT!!! It is well into the mid 80s with no shade at the hour I am running...Brutal, I see a water table and I am not thinking fluids I am thinking water to pour over my head!....Ice down the tri suit, nothing helps...but at least everyone else near me feels the same...One of my worst runs ever. But I shuffle along.....I feel pain, sore neck...I think Of My friend Jetpack and his fight for surviving Cancer and it really pushes me....this is over in an hour...buck up little cowboy.....The last three miles feels like another 10..ARGGGGG THE HEAT!!!!

"Hey you still want a gin Martini????" the spectator yells at me again, Yeah You bet Ice cold Please I yell back...." Go get em" he yells, it was nice encouragement.

I just want this to be over and I am pacing with three guys that are really fit and I am surprised they are not way ahead of me...They say that this race will not have a sprint to the finish and we all agree as we are tired.

1 mile left......What's a mile? Geez this is taking forever...I can hear the finish line.....800 meters someone says then see Bruce yelling for me ( he is of course fully changed and looking fresh as he finished in 5 hours) he yells "kill it!!!! My neighbor is behind you and you need to beat him!!!" I yell to the super fit guys to kick it up and they can't, I run now at an all out sprint and feel the wave of the crowd...Then out of my side vision I see a guy yell " MOWHAWK!!! GIN!!!" I look over and the spectator that I never met that has been encourageing me since T2 hands me a cold beer 100 feet before the finish and says "its not gin but is cold".....Thanks cold beer guy I salute you. I pop it open and take a swim and race across the finish!!!!!!!


official stats:

SWIM: 55.02 minutes

T1: 3.34 minutes

Bike: 3 Hours and 5 minutes

T2: 3 minutes

Run: 2 hours and 25 minutes

total: 6 hours and 33 minutes

race tip.....sunscreen where you cant see Posted by Picasa

we were drinking beers and chatting it up with the guy in the saucony shirt....recognize him???? Posted by Picasa

ahhhh a beer well earned Posted by Picasa

post race venue with music, food and vendor booths Posted by Picasa

sea of bikes Posted by Picasa

post race with super stud Bruce my brother in arms Posted by Picasa

post race picking up the bike Posted by Picasa

race mowhawk!!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

the swim venue, you could see tiny markers but they had really big ones they were going to put out goes out to the left to the point and all across the horizon and then back in on the right.....water temp was 65 degrees, it was about 80 degrees outside. Posted by Picasa

oh there is my bike.......ol PB Posted by Picasa

Matt Lieto's bike....nice bike, he has the course record Posted by Picasa

bike racks in the forest this is the T1 my bike is just right of that big tree in the middle.....see it???? Posted by Picasa

some folks just had their bikes shuttled up to T1 but we drove Posted by Picasa

Moonpie Posted by Picasa

packet pick up....I am a japanese tourist Posted by Picasa

at the finish line, but Bruce is a day early!!! Posted by Picasa

packed up and headed to the T1....up in the mountains Posted by Picasa

And his buddy "PE" Posted by Picasa

"PB" Posted by Picasa

Jetpack wisdom taped to my toptube!!!! Posted by Picasa

ready for race day Posted by Picasa

24 hours

at this time tomorrow I will be on my way to the swim.....longest swim I have ever done. I got a few little swims in this week during taper and feel pretty good about it. The swim is my race. I have gone from not being able to swim the legth of a pool 6 months ago to facing a 1.2 mile open water swim in the morning. I feel pretty good about it but to say I was not nervous would be a lie. once on the bike and on to the run the race is just a matter of one pedal stroe and one foot in front of the other but I will finish. I got a ton of help from lots of people and it is all appreciated. let the 24 hour countdown START!!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Final week taper

So I am on my final 7 day countdown, rode 20 miles yesterday bit really was just a commute o work and some errand and back, nothing hard at all, did a easy 1000 meters in the pool today, total slacker pace enjoying the half of the 50 meter pool that was in the sunshine and hating the other half in the shade. ( they are taking the winter cover off but not quite done yet)

I think nothing much tomorrow, maybe an easy run on trails near the house. Nothing on Monday. Then easy swim Tuesday and then maybe a ride on Wed. When I am in portland for a day for work on Thursday maybe nothing...Then maybe nothing on Friday and then go for it race day on Sat!!! Yeah that all sounds good.

I feel almost over with it, seems like the training started over 6 months agao and I am in the " lets jusr get this over with" the past that has meant easy nerves and the mental game are ready, just go do that is a good sign in my book

Monday, June 12, 2006

two weeks and counting

Been doing some bike training on the course and feeling pretty good about it.....big climbs should be fun.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Opoen water Swim

did 2/3 mile open water swim today with Bruce and Gary. Good confidence builder, the wetsuit worked like a dream. a step closer.....................

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

3 week plan

now we are getting down to brass tacks ( not sure what that really means though) Sat. will do the course on the tt bike as the road has been plowed. then we also are planning a open water swim at twin lakes where there is a good beach with a 1/3 mile across the lake for laps so I can practice sighting and swimming in the wetsuit.


Single speed race in Bend last week, good training race with hills.