Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week in Nebraska

spending the Week in Wayne Nebraska helping future leaders in a week long workshop....even using the Ironman experience as a training session on goal setting.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 2 in SLC

My Bro makes a mean Martini

My bro still living in the eighties when he raced

Went up to the front range and then up Mill Creek.....ended up doing about another 35 miles this morning. off to breakfast and then to the airport to Omaha

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Salt Lake City

On my way East to Nebraska, stopped in Salt Lake City and visited my bro and sis in law....We went road cyclung this morning for a few hours getting in about 33 miles of canyons. We rode from his house through town up to Emigration Pass.

Great Base ride and lots of cyclists out. Quite the grind up but not so much that it was uber hard.

I will do a recorded story with my bro and send it to Zen for a show.

Then of course most of you know that my two vices are Gin and coffee. So we had a sweet gin drink last night:

2-3 ounces of gin
1/4 ounce of lillet
twist of lemon


then this mornning after the ride we went to Jack Mormon coffee company and had a very good cup of coffee made with an $11,000 machine called a clover. check it out here.

The coffee bean I had was antigua and the drink was really good. no off tastes or falvors...kind of like a great french press. Would I pay that for a machine? uhhhh no. but the cup of coffee cost the same at the place we were at so good deal.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

out and about

So in Portland for a few days and then off to the great land of Nebraska for a week....Went on my usual run loop near the hotel I always stay at. warm but not too warm, did about 3 miles and then grabbed a new Smoothie at Starbucks.

pretty good drink and healthy. I will get up and run again in the morning since I will have meetings all day and a drive back to Bend. I am in Base 1 for training for next year so lots of easy base. I did a row workout this morning so the run was workout two.

reading a good book right now: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

now for some pics:

fellow triscoopers: Moonpie my bud, theres Rambonie! and CindyJo will see us in Idaho

I love this shot...its when I quit a race...I look at it before every race now and remind myself not to do that again...no DNF!

Old School racing at Bear Springs, I think I got my first medal here

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bob trailer camping with Jennelle

So I have been taking Jennelle camping every week on a work night to buck the system...great idea if you can swing it. she just got a new mountain bike courtesy of Mr. yellow jersey hand me down so we rode from the house to the national forest and went camping. Nice that we can do that from the house I must say. a great night even though my espresso maker broke :(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


riding my buddy Dave's 1150 today to test it out...looking for a more long distance bike to get in the next few years..... this thing ran really smooth

Sunday, July 13, 2008

cascade cycling classic superstar

My long time training buddy and the guy who got me into triathlon Bruce Rogers won The GC yellow jersey in the cat 4 cycling classic...he has been road racing for about ohhhhh 6 months. with lots of mountain bike behind him and Exterra he has the skills but WOW!!!!!!!!!!

more later after I get to talk to him...

Friday, July 11, 2008

cascade cyling classic

Huge road race ( Cascase cycling classic) in town this week with the like of levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner and Tom Danielson. Today my bud Bruce Rogers starts the cat 4 race in the classic. TT this morning and then crit today. I am off to watch him do both. He should do well as he will likely get some good times in the TT with a borrowed superbike. Tonight is the pro crit as well downtown and I will take pics.

I started working on my base by getting in about 90 minutes of mountain bike spinning in the mornings when I wake up. been cold ( about 50 degrees) but once you get going pretty comfy.

Planning on taking the wetsuit up to a mountain lake.

OHHHHH so much going on and not enough time to type....

Came across this medal draped on a trail marker this morning while biking in the forest as a memorial:

here is some more about her:
Recently, a very good friend of mine with a family history of breast cancer decided to undergo genetic testing to determine if she carried the gene for the disease. Although her twin sister did not have the gene, Amanda did, which means she has an 87 percent chance of developing cancer. She faces some really tough choices, and I can only imagine the burden she now carries. Yet I wholeheartedly believe that she will use the dire information to empower herself and “live strong.” Two weeks ago, I was mountain biking on Phil’s Trail past the Flaming Chicken. There was something new hanging on the chicken, so I stopped to check it out. It was a tribute to local athlete Jeannette Sullivan, who passed away recently from pancreatic cancer. Jeannette was a triathlon goddess; she competed in 16 Ironman races, including eight in Kona (Hawaii) where she asked to have her ashes spread after the final person crosses the finish line. The only time I ever met Jeannette was very briefly at the Tour des Chutes last year, where she was riding with friend Dagmar Eriksson a couple of weeks after being diagnosed. “She was a very strong spirit, full of life and energy,” said Eriksson. The Tour des Chutes, with routes of 7 miles to 100 miles to be held July 19, is a great ride for a great cause: the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the St. Charles Cancer Survivorship Program. Last year the Tour des Chutes had over 800 cyclists and raised over $65,000. For more information visit www.tourdeschutes.org or call (971) 235-2120. Written by Pam Stevenson Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008


Triathlon and the bike I need all in the same photo!!!!!!

WOW rode another 4.5 hours on the mountain bike on Sunday from my house up to swampy lakes and back the long way. Again with Marc and Rob.....well We started with Dan but he had a creak in his bike that ended up being a cracked frame!!! holy cow, lucky we notice when we did as it would have been a long walk out. We took Bens up to the road to top of whoops, took upper whoops to sector 16 around to SST a new trail that was DOPPPPPPE!!! then to Swampy lakes shelter down south fork and to Skyliner trail.....oh here is where I turned into the BONK-O-MATIC...WOW I started getting all light headaded and could barely keep the bike up. out of food and forgot to put carbo pro in my nuun water.......GEEZ I was loopy. Finnay popped out at the top of the whoops and Marc so saved me with some redvines or I seriously doubt I would have made it. Well I would have made it but its been a while since I felt like I did at mile 20 of the run in Penticton and that was close. Those guys are great to ride with because they are all stronger riders and push me for speed and distance but not enough that I get discouraged or left so far behind that I am solo....good rides this weekend for sure.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July

So I spent a great day on the 4th starting with a ride up and then back down the Mckenzie river trail. Rob and Marc. They were both riding matching Niner 29 inch full suspension while I felt samll on my 26 inch Rocky. flowy and techy up and a down that is to die for. The sights ( more pics to come from Robs camera) are awesome with river, waterfalls and a big blue hoole that no pics will do justice to. all in all rode for about 4.5 hours and then went home for beer and BBQ....fireworks? nope I was in bed

some pics from Marcs blog

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Billy Idol

So I hit the Billy Idol concert after 20 years of having him on my wall and all his records in my teens.....took my little bro Scotty.....good times. I rode the moto over to Troutdale in Portland...about 150 miles i think......

Pretty good concert though we thought it could have been a bit louder. He played all the faves:

White Wedding, Rebel yell, Dancing with myself and then a few genX songs and one of my favorites READY STEADY GO..............and ended with Mony Mony.....SWEEEET.

after I rode back until it was pitch black and camped in my bivy sack...the shot of the trees was my view upon waking up. pretty nice eh?

Sasquatch! 08' - Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Wish You Were Here

see the local beer from Deschutes Brewery along with one of my favorite guitar players???