Wednesday, July 23, 2008

out and about

So in Portland for a few days and then off to the great land of Nebraska for a week....Went on my usual run loop near the hotel I always stay at. warm but not too warm, did about 3 miles and then grabbed a new Smoothie at Starbucks.

pretty good drink and healthy. I will get up and run again in the morning since I will have meetings all day and a drive back to Bend. I am in Base 1 for training for next year so lots of easy base. I did a row workout this morning so the run was workout two.

reading a good book right now: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

now for some pics:

fellow triscoopers: Moonpie my bud, theres Rambonie! and CindyJo will see us in Idaho

I love this shot...its when I quit a race...I look at it before every race now and remind myself not to do that DNF!

Old School racing at Bear Springs, I think I got my first medal here


rambonie said...

you got two other triscoopers in that photo, holistic guru and strouter. lake placid was dominated by triscoop!

Mark said...

IM CDA will be fun bro! can't wait to meet you!