Monday, July 07, 2008


Triathlon and the bike I need all in the same photo!!!!!!

WOW rode another 4.5 hours on the mountain bike on Sunday from my house up to swampy lakes and back the long way. Again with Marc and Rob.....well We started with Dan but he had a creak in his bike that ended up being a cracked frame!!! holy cow, lucky we notice when we did as it would have been a long walk out. We took Bens up to the road to top of whoops, took upper whoops to sector 16 around to SST a new trail that was DOPPPPPPE!!! then to Swampy lakes shelter down south fork and to Skyliner trail.....oh here is where I turned into the BONK-O-MATIC...WOW I started getting all light headaded and could barely keep the bike up. out of food and forgot to put carbo pro in my nuun water.......GEEZ I was loopy. Finnay popped out at the top of the whoops and Marc so saved me with some redvines or I seriously doubt I would have made it. Well I would have made it but its been a while since I felt like I did at mile 20 of the run in Penticton and that was close. Those guys are great to ride with because they are all stronger riders and push me for speed and distance but not enough that I get discouraged or left so far behind that I am solo....good rides this weekend for sure.


jameson said...

i hope you followed up this ride with some cold ones... nothing is better after a long day out on the than some cold beers!!

Cindy Jo said...

Nothing like a good bonk, eh? I always carry a spare gel or roll of Life Savers in my jersey, just in case. I had a serious bonk once, and found some old Life Savers in my saddle bag and they got me home (barely)!