Saturday, July 26, 2008

Salt Lake City

On my way East to Nebraska, stopped in Salt Lake City and visited my bro and sis in law....We went road cyclung this morning for a few hours getting in about 33 miles of canyons. We rode from his house through town up to Emigration Pass.

Great Base ride and lots of cyclists out. Quite the grind up but not so much that it was uber hard.

I will do a recorded story with my bro and send it to Zen for a show.

Then of course most of you know that my two vices are Gin and coffee. So we had a sweet gin drink last night:

2-3 ounces of gin
1/4 ounce of lillet
twist of lemon


then this mornning after the ride we went to Jack Mormon coffee company and had a very good cup of coffee made with an $11,000 machine called a clover. check it out here.

The coffee bean I had was antigua and the drink was really good. no off tastes or falvors...kind of like a great french press. Would I pay that for a machine? uhhhh no. but the cup of coffee cost the same at the place we were at so good deal.


adam and melissa said...

Spell check:
1. F*L*A*V*O*R
2. C*Y*C*L*I*N*G

Also, why am I never included on the blog when you come to visit?

your sis in law.

Drew Holmes said...

spell check is for no time..

your bro in law

Mark said...

Sounds like a good time bro, and yes, I will see you at CDA :P