Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tminus 3 days

Great crossfit type workout today

bosu ball routine ( 5 T steps, bounce for stability and mogul twists)
25 sit squats on med ball
100 jump rope

for 4 Rounds, then abs

good workout. ( no pukie today but I been there brother...) all set after skiing yesterday with Rob up at Bachelor and a quick 90 minute spin ride ( although I almost bagged half way since I was feeling like a PUSS. ) Will head out to Utah on Wed and ski Thursday through Monday. I will get photos each day and throw a few on the blog for sure.

I have been rereading my crossfit journal and looking at the free videos and I am committed to doing crossfit this year. With no place around here i will do them off the blog for awhile. start after i get back from Utah.

another cool site: I made a list when I was 18 and I am pretty sure I have done all of it already. I need to go find it again I have it somewhere. time for a new list.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Plan is to hit the concept 2 for 20 minutes and then ride the cruiser into work today.......quite the drama at my house as my espresso machine works every other day. I get an error message and it will not work and then I threaten to send in back to the factory and it works. I am having a mental battle with a coffee machine I tell you. knee still feels 100% so that is good, fitness coming back pretty decently. should be good to go soon as my workout schedule is back on track and only drinking beer on the weekends instead of every night......but then you have to take a break after the big event right???? headed to Utah to ski a little backcountry and a little lift serve with my brothers...a true bro fest. should be mucho fun as they say down south.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ride ride ride


snapped a shot on ride to work yesterday

rode to work every the cold........rode the bike sat and sunday.........mountain and road and cyclocross....ride ride ride ride..

nuff said

T minus 1 week to Utah roadtrip

Sunday, February 17, 2008

1 down and 1 to go for a full weekend of back in the saddle

View from top of could see mountain all around and Smith skies

Spent Saturday morning hitting a new trail to me. I have known of the trail for long time but never really had a reason to go as it is a downhill only trail, not really any cross country riding and meant for dudes with a shuttle truck and 6 inches of travel. Cline Butte. I had limited option of any trails due to snow coverage but this was a dry area according to Chris Crash. Chris and Eric and I headed out and rode to the top of the butte ( gravel road....think steep access road) and I was in the little ring. topped out and after getting the beta ( much needed) we headed down. there are several routes but we took the tamest which was only triple back diamond instead of 5 black diamonds).

think I started used my brakes after 5 feet and dropping about 1000 vertical do not remember actually letting them off. technical committing single track with rock drops that rolled fine as long as you committed but you needed to drop you seat and get way back ( good beta by Crash). first run a little tense.......bottom section sweet slalom big hits and table tops. second run climb felt a bit longer not having been in the saddle. the run down was sweet. Now that i had done the line it flowed well and was great. In my winter "i just had knee surgery" whiny voice I bagged out of the third loop to ride another day.

good day and outing and set today to head out east on the roadbike with the utreks for a 2 hour spin......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

17 miles

got the Lemond out for a nice easy 1 hour spin today with training partner Bruce. knee felt 100% and body feels like it has been drinking beer all winter. I guess I need to actually train eh? ok ride for Saturday planned and 2-3 hour ride on Sunday planned. We are in the groove now.

Monday, February 11, 2008

no mas excuses

2 full ski runs on the old telemark boards!!!! Yeah the knee is solid. I must admit I felt like day 1 for the season even though it is Feb….but then again it was day 1 for me and the ski legs. I felt a little quad burn with just two runs…..i guess the biking and running helped but the training for skiing is still skiing.

Also today was day 1 of riding the bike to work. So I aired up the tires on my cyclocross bike and got all my gear ready. Warm clothes, nitrider helmet lamp charged up. Studded tires in place and mud guards set. I set out at 6 am to beat traffic to the office and was doing fine until I hit a glassy frozen patch in my own neighborhood and down I went. At least I was going slowly. The rest of the way was pretty well worn by cars and had sand on the roads so not a problem. Nice crisp morning and a run via the river trail to the office. A nice 25 minute ride. Now full sunshine warm day and the same ride back. That should start shedding a few pounds as I get in 4 daily commutes a week ( I work from home one day a week).

I would say the excuses are gone and let the workouts begin!!!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

putting the knee to the test

Between rocking out and slamming around at the local punk scene on Friday...( for the where is Waldo fans you can see my right above the singers head in the black beanie)...and then breaking trail in a very deep snow hile on a family outing the leg feels good and the knee feels good. I am going skiing next week for sure and will test it for some uphill and downhill backountry telemark.

Sunday today so a longer row on the concept 2 and then shovel the driveway and make an igloo with the munchkin!!!!! a good day to be had