Sunday, February 17, 2008

1 down and 1 to go for a full weekend of back in the saddle

View from top of could see mountain all around and Smith skies

Spent Saturday morning hitting a new trail to me. I have known of the trail for long time but never really had a reason to go as it is a downhill only trail, not really any cross country riding and meant for dudes with a shuttle truck and 6 inches of travel. Cline Butte. I had limited option of any trails due to snow coverage but this was a dry area according to Chris Crash. Chris and Eric and I headed out and rode to the top of the butte ( gravel road....think steep access road) and I was in the little ring. topped out and after getting the beta ( much needed) we headed down. there are several routes but we took the tamest which was only triple back diamond instead of 5 black diamonds).

think I started used my brakes after 5 feet and dropping about 1000 vertical do not remember actually letting them off. technical committing single track with rock drops that rolled fine as long as you committed but you needed to drop you seat and get way back ( good beta by Crash). first run a little tense.......bottom section sweet slalom big hits and table tops. second run climb felt a bit longer not having been in the saddle. the run down was sweet. Now that i had done the line it flowed well and was great. In my winter "i just had knee surgery" whiny voice I bagged out of the third loop to ride another day.

good day and outing and set today to head out east on the roadbike with the utreks for a 2 hour spin......

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kt said...

Sounds like a nice ride. Your friendly PT says good choice on opting out of loop 3 this time. You will be ready to go before you know it. Just take it easy and listen to your body.