Friday, December 29, 2006

good snow day near Tumalo

off season cross training...good day of skiing some trees about 15 minutes from my house, heading to Utah in about 2 weeks so need to get in a bunch of days

back in the game

Wow what a difference to feel human again. I hate getting sick. Last night it the bike trainer in the new home gym for about 45 minutes. Wife said it was a little loud ( using the magnetic trainer and reverberating sound off the wood floors) I need to try Robs cyclops liquid trainer and see if really that much quieter and if so may need to invest in one.

Went to the pool this morning at 5:45 and swam about 20 minutes. still feel a bit sluggish in the pool though. I am rally looking forward to seeing the dartfish analysis to help me out and start a more structured swim workout. At that hour in the pool was a swim team, a early morning group but still 3 empty lanes so that was something to note as I may do the workouts in the morning and then go to work to fit them in.......we shall see.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I am not a surfer ( live in the mountains) but seem to know a lot of surfers here that ski in the winter and surf in the summer. I came across this documentary and watched it today...Very Good, a documentary that is well done and tells some history, shows some personality and shows the struggles of athletes trying to attain the impossible ( sound familiar?) i would Say this would be a great film o watch on the trainer this winter. Highly recommend.

elf time


Well I have finally broken the 2 week long illness. Over the holiday back country skied twice, ice skated with my daughter and went dog sledding ( all to be seen on Youtube later today and posted here!!!

Got a great back country skiing backpack for Christmas to help with the uphill/downhill workouts and I think I may even get to use my workout room today as feeling well.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dart fish part one

After almost 2 weeks of not working out due to this crud I got in the pool and did part one of the dartfish analysis yesterday morning. The best part was after a few laps of being filmed Bruce turns to me and says " you may want to wipe the snot off your face now.....I was congested. I do not think that will affect my form though and felt like I was swimming like I normally do. She had a digital video camera on a stick that she put underwater that had another lens underwater and she would walk along the edge of the pool as we swam and would get a side view of us swimming and entire lap, she then did a front shot, a back shot and overhead shot....pretty much got us covered. The real key is the post edit and analysis. Should be about a week and then I will try and get some posted here. She said we had some stuff to work on and that she would show us in the video and then do a follow up lesson. Having only been swimming for 1 year I bet I have TON to work on. But anything that will help me over the 2.4 mile swim is priceless.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


still at the tail end of feeling crunky funky. I guess the doc said the best thing was to lay low so I am doing what I am told because holidays are coming up with time off and I really want to go skiing a bunch. Doing the dartfish video on Friday it looks like so I will ask her for some raw footage as well to post here. We are thinking of doing a few laps regular and then a few with the wetsuit on as they may have different issues??? We shall see. Got the treadmill ( a pro form that folds up so does not really take much space...garage sale $20 for a $1500 treadmill :) ) and it looks great. I am ready to use the damn gym if I would just feel better......

Friday, December 15, 2006

new Home gym space

Pretty much done other than running some cables in the wall and getting the treadmill in from the garage. The wood turned out great and the television is a big addition, I went big so if we ever want to use it in a bedroom or as a second tele sometime.... Just got 13 inched of snow in the mountains here so even though I like to ride in the snow not for hours so will bring the spin bike in too. Still a little under the weather. Actually stayed home from work today which is the first time I have done that in about three years but need to get healthy as I have things to do...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

under the weather and in the weather

So I rode the bike in to work this morning in the weather, a little warm and raining the while way. stayed dry with my trusty fender that clamps on my seat post and my nice CRAFT rain jacket, a wise investment. So stayed warm and dry. But a little sore throat and a little tired. been a crud running around the office so taking it easy. Got the Gym started last night, put up the new flat screen to watch FIT TV on while I spin or do weights. I should finish putting it together tonight and will post pics.

Monday, December 11, 2006

great weekend

Jennelle had her first running race on Sat during the Christmas parade and she had a blast. They gave them numbers and everything which really made her fell like it was real...well I guess 4 city blocks is real to a 5 year old. She was middle of the pack and started with a smile and ended with a smile so I was all smiles. They gave them a water bottle at the end and some hot chocolate. great day.

Then Rob and I went to Hoo doo to ski. I have lived here for about 13 years and never skied there because I live so close to Mt. bachelor it really never made sense but we decided to try it. It was fun, smaller mountain but no lift lines and good amenities.

Here are also some shots from some early morning climbing of Bachelor from a week ago or so.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Lets see...hmmmmmm? Friday, end of the week but I hit it well, Lifted weights this morning, rode my bike to work,went to the pool and swam at lunch and then I will ride home......its been a good day.

This weekend I think a day off on Saturday as my daughter runs in a kids race with Santa ( the real one!!!!!) and then Sunday going skiing. I will try and do a video and see if I can imbed it here as a test.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Milk, it does a body good

I have been loving these little portable chocolate milks. They are organic and need zero refigeration so awesome for the gym bag and cheap at Costco by the case. Tons of stories and reports about chocolate milk being IT for a postworkout drink. I took one on my bike ride the other day in a jersey pocket even then when it was empty flattened it and threw it away later. Good stuff

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New mags finnally arrived for my new subscription

i opted for a subscription when I paid for IM Canada at a reduced rate...I figured whats another $30 after spending $600 to enter a stinking race......I will let you know if any article hits my fancy.

Took The ferrari out

Well the Ferrari of bikes, the roads were clear and the weather was sunny and warm ( relative;y speaking for Winter as it was about 40 degrees out) Bruce conned me into going which was not real hard. We spun at conversation pace for about 1 hour and 44 minutes. My HR was about 130-150 most of the time, a pace i felt i could ride forever in. I had been riding the cyclocross bike with the beefy studded tires so to take the fast bike with the skinny tires was like a dream. There is still some crap on the road from sanding for snow but the tires on there are my tires from last season so no worries. I does help to be sponsored by a bike shop for replacing tires etc every year.

Took out the last of the carpet staples this morning as the crew arrives this morning to install the wood floors and the new Home gym will take shape. Should be up and running in 1 week, Free weights, bike spinning, treadmill, flat screen TV. All in the comfort of my home. a much better use of an office that we never used.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ok i am throwing down the big money and getting a swim analisys in a few weeks here in town. found a girl who does this through a program called dartfish. It is underwater and on top and does analisys of your stroke and becomes an audio visual training tool. i always think I am doing the right thing but I am visual and cannot see what i am doing so this should really help me. Being a newer swimmer i hope can fix some behinner errors that I am sure I am making. Bruce who is training for Exterra is doing it with me as with the core training we start in January with a coach. This stuff is expensive!!! I am jeoulos of all my buddys that are the race athlete tea that get all this stuff for free, If anything I think the programs keep you invested in what you are doing. I will see if I can get part of the swim video on YOUTUBE and post here?? Even though it is the middle of Winter Bruce and I are going cycling today as it is sunny and the roads are clear: ( above freezing).

Wood floors go in tomorrow and the home gym starts to take shape....Excited.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Training Rocky Style

I trained today buy dragging a Christmas tree through three feet of snow over a hill and though the woods. But then when I got to the tailgate party I drank a lot of hot Toddy so I guess I evened out. working on pulling staples out of the floor after pulling the carpet. we are putting wood floors in a few more rooms ( our main room has it) and changing the den to a full time gym....ohhhhhhh I am excited. going out this week to pick out a flat screen TV for the workout room.