Monday, December 11, 2006

great weekend

Jennelle had her first running race on Sat during the Christmas parade and she had a blast. They gave them numbers and everything which really made her fell like it was real...well I guess 4 city blocks is real to a 5 year old. She was middle of the pack and started with a smile and ended with a smile so I was all smiles. They gave them a water bottle at the end and some hot chocolate. great day.

Then Rob and I went to Hoo doo to ski. I have lived here for about 13 years and never skied there because I live so close to Mt. bachelor it really never made sense but we decided to try it. It was fun, smaller mountain but no lift lines and good amenities.

Here are also some shots from some early morning climbing of Bachelor from a week ago or so.


Steven said...

I've snow-mobiled at Hoo Doo in the past and we've camped at Big Lake near there, too. It's a beautiful area.

Anonymous said...

yeah i would say my fav part is climbing Mt. Washington. a true peak in the area and views of all of that from above..