Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dart fish part one

After almost 2 weeks of not working out due to this crud I got in the pool and did part one of the dartfish analysis yesterday morning. The best part was after a few laps of being filmed Bruce turns to me and says " you may want to wipe the snot off your face now.....I was congested. I do not think that will affect my form though and felt like I was swimming like I normally do. She had a digital video camera on a stick that she put underwater that had another lens underwater and she would walk along the edge of the pool as we swam and would get a side view of us swimming and entire lap, she then did a front shot, a back shot and overhead shot....pretty much got us covered. The real key is the post edit and analysis. Should be about a week and then I will try and get some posted here. She said we had some stuff to work on and that she would show us in the video and then do a follow up lesson. Having only been swimming for 1 year I bet I have TON to work on. But anything that will help me over the 2.4 mile swim is priceless.

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