Friday, December 29, 2006

back in the game

Wow what a difference to feel human again. I hate getting sick. Last night it the bike trainer in the new home gym for about 45 minutes. Wife said it was a little loud ( using the magnetic trainer and reverberating sound off the wood floors) I need to try Robs cyclops liquid trainer and see if really that much quieter and if so may need to invest in one.

Went to the pool this morning at 5:45 and swam about 20 minutes. still feel a bit sluggish in the pool though. I am rally looking forward to seeing the dartfish analysis to help me out and start a more structured swim workout. At that hour in the pool was a swim team, a early morning group but still 3 empty lanes so that was something to note as I may do the workouts in the morning and then go to work to fit them in.......we shall see.


Flatman said...

Try one of those thick rubber mats between the floor and the trainer. That should help with the noise...

Glad you are feeling better, buddy!

Drew Holmes said...

the pic does not show it one there, good help