Wednesday, December 20, 2006


still at the tail end of feeling crunky funky. I guess the doc said the best thing was to lay low so I am doing what I am told because holidays are coming up with time off and I really want to go skiing a bunch. Doing the dartfish video on Friday it looks like so I will ask her for some raw footage as well to post here. We are thinking of doing a few laps regular and then a few with the wetsuit on as they may have different issues??? We shall see. Got the treadmill ( a pro form that folds up so does not really take much space...garage sale $20 for a $1500 treadmill :) ) and it looks great. I am ready to use the damn gym if I would just feel better......

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T-Guy J said...

Ok seriously now...WHEN DO I GET TO VISIT YOUR GYM?!?!?

nicely done on the treadmill.

Have a great holiday and feel better

-T-Guy J (A.K.A. Ironjay)