Monday, April 30, 2007

Time trial of hurt weekend

not an a race at all just a traon

Well staring the weekend off of that brutal workout from Kyle and I knew it was a hurting one when i went for a 24 mile ride the next day with Tri-Rob and Bruce and could barely keep up a solid pace. took Friday off all together and then hammer time. The stages all started in Maupin which is in a deep river valley. This means of course all three stage start by climbing OUT of that river valley straight up!!!!! look at the elevation on these maps!!!!!

So stage one starts and we are set off every 30 seconds, i follow a guy up the hill and feel ok, then here comes two guys about 10 minutes later whizzing past me!!! Wow those guys are fast. i get to the top of the plaetu and hear a thump thump thump....rear flat! damn, oh well stay calm this is just a training race so i get out my stuff and have probably the fastest most well done tube exchange ever. cool. I find out later that these hardcore TT guys carry no spare as if they flat they are out so just get picked up, glad i did not get that advice earlier or I would have been out.

off I go and get passed by a bunch of dudes on the sweetest sickest bikes with more carbon and more zipp wheels than I have ever seen, so respectable passes. did ok and finished strong.

stage 2 straight up a heinous 8 mile climb...that hurt but I was only a few minutes off of the main packs time so felt ok with it. could still feel the heavy legs from earlier in the week though.

Stage three was a 50 mile out and back long stage. this was a fun one and I actually got to pass some people and ended up doing ok I though for how much climbing there was, I finished and then went and ran about 2 miles for a little brick.

The one thing I noticed about TT races are that there are no beginners and recreational category it was just all hardcore folks, I did see one girl ( who passed me on the uphill TT) that had an M dot tattoo and I asked where she got it and she said after Hawaii. she had done Hawaii, Florida and Idaho IM. One nice thing about our conversation that was nice was that she said in IM you never bike this hard since it is about pacing. she said with the times i was posting IM would be no problem....GOOD.

I would say I got beat pretty solid but felt like a great weekend. based on going in tired, not as nice a bike setup and not really being a hardcore TT guy felt good. better than just doing a workout since I pushed myself a lot harder doing this.

F Group Masters Men 30-39

No. Racer Team Age Start Stage Total Time
1 2 3
701 Adnan Kadir

Aeolus Cycling

37 1st place 1:06:17 0:32:06 2:08:49 3:47:12
05 Jason Hobson

Half Fast Velo

36 2nd Place 1:09:10 0:31:33 2:13:27 3:54:10
368 Richard Lorenz


32 3rd place 1:11:24 0:34:17 2:22:25 4:08:06
2676 Drew Holmes

Hutch’s of Bend

37 4th Place 1:20:52 0:39:44 2:35:57 4:36:33

Thursday, April 26, 2007

podcast interview is up

I did a fun interview with registered dietitian Vanessa Vargas and it is now available through Brett's show "Zen and the art of triathlon" She had a wealth of information about sports nutrition and specific to triathlon.

check out the show notes here

let me know what you thought as I do more interviews. I think the next one will be with Vanessa Polvi about underwater swim analysis.

I guess I know a lot of Robs and Vanessa's huh???


So it is Thursday and my planned Friday mountain bike ride is a no go!!! I am so sore. I had my swim lesson with Vanessa Polvi today and did pretty well but the pecs were sore from the KMA session. I then did an easy 24 mile bike ride with Tri-Rob and Bruce on the TT bike to make sure ready for this weekend race and legs were sore from KMA. I just tried to do my nightly abs and they are still sore from KMA!!! OHHHHHHH I feel like Bruce lee just was in a fight with me...I am worked. I was trying to tell Tri-Rob ( I call him Tri Rob because I know so many...Pharmacy -Rob . Work -Rob, Swim- Rob, Skydive- Rob......etc) about the KMA and it really was a blur so here is my best recollection:

10 minute warmup on treadmill

30 cleans using 40 pound dumbells
30 pushups
50 box jumps

do those again

1 leg bent over rows
30 burpees with 20 pound med ball wearing weight vest
side crawl with bands to isolate and add resistance to arms and legs

do those again

a few exercises in here that were a blur......

bear crawl doing pushups each step from bear crawl position 2 laps
reverse pullups pulling legs over head then coming back slow times 20

bosu ball v ups ( tried but modified to on floor using weith stick presses) 30x2
med ball over head then touch floor on each side while in V position times 30x2

I am sure I am missing some but there were no breaks and we worked out for 1 hour and 20 minutes......SORE!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

busy week

Wed: KMA session with Kyle
Thursday: Swim coach and then Brick workout with Tri-Rob
Friday: Mountain bike
Sat and Sun: Time trial race in Maupin ( click here)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Polar Plunge 2007 Bend Oregon

You can see me in my retired Timex tri shorts at 3:49 seconds, turn and do the ice tea event

Solid Weekend

Went to the pool on Sat and was planning a big swim workout and DRATS!!! the pool was closed for a meet so back home I went and said you know I have been saving that Exterra world championship race on the Tivo for a while now so I busted out the trainer and watched it sweating like a pig for an hour. sometime I do not mind the trainer if I can multi task like that.

Sunday went on a 28 mile mountain bike ride of which the 1st 14 miles was all up hill. for those that know the Bend trails went from my house to the Entrada. up COD, up to Storm King an then up to the Heli pad. Took the heli pad down and crossed over to he canyon and raced some guys down ( good motivation Utrek style) and then up and over KGB back to the house. swapped out for some running shoes and ran a 10k all trail run. really solid 3.5 hour workout. ( HR stayed at 150ish the whole time)

These are mountain bike trails JDUB!!!!!!!

While riding came across a crew from COTA led by none other than super Chris so that was nice to see ( I need o get my trail building time in this year as well).

Saturday, April 21, 2007


spent a morning cleaning road debris off a section of road that I cycle on a lot. My team sponsored the road section a few years back ( hutch's bicycles) and we clean it up twice a year. takes little time. This year i took Jennelle and she was great. She found each piece of trash like it was a treasure hunt and asked me "Why do people throw trash Dad? that is so Rude!" got to love kids.

Tri Rob also gave Jennelle a shout out after meeting her. check out her artwork on his Blog here

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

post from a buddys trip

great photo and blurb from mr. TT Dan Davis who hooked me up with the TT helmet:

Here is a photo of one of the climbs we did in Mallorca it was a 9k long and a dead end, so you rode down had a coffee and back up you came. And as you can see from this photos if you look closely there are a ton of people going down and coming up it was really funny how man bodies there was on the slopes. You can see a tour bus on one of the corners so of the corners where so sharp they could not get around on the first try they had to get as far as they could, then back up and get around on the second try. On the way down on a bike you’re passing busses and car’s its quite fun and probably not that safe but you are in Europe and cars give you the right of way it sweet!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Super Brick

Well my psychological is high this morning as I completed my super brick on Sunday.

110 miles on the road followed up by a 1ok run. the ride took 5 and half hours and the run was an hour. I felt awesome. heart rate stayed about 145-155, good food and hydration, only lost 2 pounds. the run took an hour and I felt pretty good. All this time I was wondering what it would feel like to run after that long of a bike and now I know...hard but doable.

great picture huh? we rode from Bend to Smith Rock, out to Prineville and then out to the reservoir and back to Bend via Alfalfa market. this pic is looking back to bend after we made the big climb out of the reservoir area.

followed up by a swim this morning ( easy swim) with Stephanie who is a kick ass biker and wants to start working in some swimming. I am sure she will be a future triathlete to be reckoned with.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oregon Bike summit

I had the pleasure of going to the Oregon Bike summit today. great group of advocates, road desingers, legislature reps, industry folks, and joe blow like me.

This was the State program that was after the national program. many of the national speakers can be heard at the Fredcast here

i went Friday to the keynote address and made a few contacts and then Saturday for half a day and we heard from three other speakers and I went to one breakout session.

I think I need to put my time and money where my mouth is and work on some of these issues after seeing the presentations. ( likely it will be with COTA)

if you have time listen to these as well ( this one, and that one)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

WOW I almost passed out!!!!

Did a KMA workout today with Kyle and he was on us. After Bruce and I had two weeks away from him and reported good race for each us ( my Beaver 3rd place and Bruce took first at a Portland Duathlon) he was ready to make us suffer. It is somewhat of blur but this is what I recall:

20 minute bike getting there as warmup

10 minute treadmill warmup

jump rope 150 revs

25 pushups

25 box jumps on 30 inch box

25 scissor lunges with 20 pound medicine ball

50 over and back hops over hurdle

25 kicks to heavy bag for each leg

jump rope 150 revs

1 leg box ups 25 per leg

25 on each arm, holding kettle ball up above head while doing mini squats

25 burpees with heavy ball

25 each leg mountain climbers with balance board

pulley pull down over a bosu times 50

jump rope 150 revs

bar pull jumps times 25

squat machine times 25 with expsion jumps ( I screamed on these)

1 arm pushups on box times 50

3 minutes on treadmill at 10 incline,,,,( almost fell off)

100 situps

50 reverse situps

100 bicycle abs

25 v ups

25 each side of hips side plank


That felt good, then I rode my mountain bike home. i would say I am done for the day

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

rest and rest

After the race we spent Sunday with the kids at the aquarium in Newport checking out sharks and then stayed in a yurt at the coast. fun times and beer from Rogue beer in the world I think. did zero on Sunday, came back to work Monday and went for a 1000m swim, no drills, no clock, just swimming at a nice even pace working on stroke timing.

Felt not so great on Tuesday so stayed home and worked from home ( nice job that I can do that since I was not feeling so great but lost no productivity by not going into work, took entire day off.

feel ok today but will play it by ear. if feeling better later will go for a swim again. Run tonight. but if I want to do another rest day will not fret about it. tomorrow have a KMA workout with Kyle then a planned mountain bike ride with Bruce on Friday and Sat will take it easy and then Sunday plan on a super brick of 100 mile ride followed by a 10k run.

Monday, April 09, 2007

beaver freezer race report

PHOTOS courtesy:

plan the race and race the plan was the motto and I stuck with it. This was the first race of the year and an A race just because I wanted to use it as a benchmark from last year. for the rest of the races throughout the year I will just train right through them leading up to another big taper for Ironman Canada.

I had a solid taper and felt really good the week before the beaver. We came over on the Friday before the race and stayed in a hotel. ran the night before for a quick 20 minutes with some bursts to wake up the legs. I was going to pre ride the course but instead Utrek ( Pharmacy Rob) and I drove it and was the same as last year. It was sunny and about 75 degrees out.

I got up early race morning because ( well, I get up early every morning) and had a bagel with peanut butter and some coffee and some juice about two hours before the race. Utrek and I took the bike over at 7 am as I wanted the end slot in my heat bike rack for the bike. I know that if my bike is on the end I will not have to hassle with other bikes and stuff and my transitions will go smoother. it was raining cats and dogs....I love it. Cold wet weather does not hamper me at all. It hampers others which just makes me faster and I stay warm during the race when working so no extra jacket for me. ( reminds me of cyclocross season when you are cold but then race in short sleeves because you are pegged and warm while racing).

I chilled before the race and listened to some mettalica on the ipod to wake me up. watched some other heats do the swim. The oregon state rec center is state of the art. almost want to go back to school just to use the facility. There were about 370 participants and a lot of spectators so pretty good sized crowd.

My heat started at 9 am and I got suited up. I wore my zoot suit 1 piece as opposed to my Hutchs bike shop suit ( my sponsor) because the zoot is tighter for a pool swim and the Hutchs works better when under a wetsuit for the swim.

warmed up with a 1o minute run and 5 minute swim.

Boom we are off. I was in 2nd position in the lane and easily caught the 1st person and passed after a few laps (we were spaced out 5 seconds to start and timed accordingly for total time)

The swim went well but we all got bunch up, I was drafting a girl and another one was drafting me and we were slapping feet. i was very comfottable in the water this year as opposed to last and it was over fast. We would have gone faster if not for the bunching.

Out of the water and into T1. great transition. very fast and I was off. i was well ahead of the entire heat here ( a mix of different ages and genders as we had been sorted by swim times)

off on the bike and going hard. roads were wet and raining slightly but I was used to PB ( my bike nickname) and so no worries. I was averaging about 24 MPH but the rear disc cover was rubbing on the frame on the drive side in one spot so the whole race I was listening to a click, click, click, click...oh well did not seem to be slowing me down but I will fix for next race.

I got to the first of two rises where we climb gradual hills to an out and back turn. I was averaging about 17 MPH on these and need to work on that as I do fine on the flats but the hills kill me.

2nd hill out of the way and cranked back at pretty high speed. I was back into town and making a few turns and now headed back on to campus. all the street crossings were manned by cops or volunteers with large stop signs. I had been cranking through these well manned intersections at top speed.

BUT THEN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

for some reason my urban biker spidey senses kicked in and I saw a blue car coming up to the cross street where a volunteer had a stop sign up and I sensed ( I am not sure why???) that this guy was not going to stop. I was going about 22 MPH here in the aero position. the last 10 feet I went to the brakes and yep, the blue car blew the stop sign and I grabbed brakes hard on the wet pavement. sliding into the car at slow motion. The bike went up on the front tire I rode a front wheelie into the side of the car and was preparing to go over the top of the handlebars and hit the side of the car hard. ( I knew this was going to hurt as i had hit a car on the side at this speed on a night skydive once...but thats another story) at this point I was hoping he would get by just enough that I would roll over the trunk of the car as opposed to the side impact. I am half airborne now with one foot unclipped from the pedal.............................The car gets by by about 1 inch as I finish my wheelie mere hairs behind him as he passes in front of me and I go whizzzing by the back of the car missing him still in a side ways wheelie stunt on a TT bike.......Boom the rear wheel come s back down and I hit the seat hard spinning it sideways......I yell a few very loud adult words.....and somehow go from preparing to crash really hard into a car to race mode and i start peddling fast on the course. I never looked back...Is that focus or what??? I hear words of encouragement from Utrek.."GO DREW GO!!!!!!!!" he had been standing at this random corner and saw the whole thing....what are the odds???. I am now trying to pedal and realize my seat is sideways and i have to pedal the next 100 feet up this hill standing because I cannot sit down, I slow down for a second, grab the seat by my thighs and wrenched it back like we did when kids on a BMX bike with pure force.

I AM BACK BABY!!!!!! adrenalin is cranking in my system.

two more turns and straight away to to T2

I run into T2 and change into my shoes. I have been racing sockless of course and everything is soaked. When i put my feet into the shoes the wet feet bunch up the insoles in my shoes. Crap, oh well just run.

I take off after a fast T2 and the legs are a bit tired I take the first lap to get them back and then get faster each lap. Utrek runs along side me for a portion. he asks" how are you feeling, you look good" response of course is "Holy crap how bout that almost bike crash with the superman save??????!!!!! .

I am feeling good on the run and he yells at me to chase down some people and I do, finishing hard and am glad to say even with the drama and the shoes I got third place and a new personal best for the course and feel GREAT!!!!!

Swim 10:19
T1 1:16
Bike 34:36 ( 20.8 mph av) and saved own ass
t2 1:35
Run 24:44 ( 7:58 av) thought this was faster but oh well

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Weekly wrap up

Good week and an easy week. I stuck to my race plan and after the hard effort brick on Sunday have been taking it easy except for some prescribed short intensive efforts. i did do a race simulation swim of the 500 yards yesterday at the pool. After getting my second video analysis by Vanessa I am trying to time my strokes more even, i was gliding too long on the right and it caused me to sink a few inched bringing my body and head a little underwater. By working on that and using a mental mantra of "1 and core " each stroke i was keeping a rhythm and counting which lap I was on and reminding myself to use more core than arm in the stroke. Worked well because by doing it I had a little more focus and I knew which lap I was on and I was less fatigued.

I did the 500 yards in 9:58 which is the fastest I have done it so far and I think It will be even faster at the race. ( time wise please recall I have been swimming for about 14 months)

later that evening Bruce stopped by and we looked at the two videos that Vanessa did 3 months apart ( he only had the first one done) and wow you could see some improvement that he pointed out for technique. It was pretty funny some of the crap I was doing before and i would have never noticed it without the video. a for sure thing type of tool i would say.

Well signing off as i leave for Corvallis for the Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon. I will be back Sunday night with a race report.

Pre race goals

Swim under 10 minutes
Bike average speed 21 MPH
Run 7:30 minute miles

fast transitions

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday done

i planned the race and now i am racing the plan, Did my easy swim and easy run last night. was about 20 minutes on treadmill at the Aquatic center ( did indoors since it was about 7 pm and dark) and then went and swam about 1000 meters at a totally relaxed pace. no watch or counting of laps just a nice 20 minute swim working on good form and breathing and relaxation.

today a short but intense run.

Monday, April 02, 2007

super off road brick

great last big workout before my taper to the Beaver Freezer. this is one of three races I will taper for. The Beaver Freezer, the Pacific Crest half and the full IM. The other races I will just train right through as they are all really just for training and fun.

met a group of about 30 riders at Webcyclery and about half were on cyclocross bike and half on road bikes.

We spun out of town and got a nice group oace going and then hit dome dirt roads and back to some paved roads, I think it all ended being about 60% road and 40% dirt. It was a pretty fast paced group. I do not know what the actual speed was since I do not have a computer on my cyclocross bike. At the half way point the shop had a feed and water which was a well needed short break as I was hungry. after the break we got back out towards china hat road and the dirt was alittle harder to negotiate and group split. I hammered to stay up and eventually caught up to a few riders and then bridged a gap to a group of three who were about 30 seconds behnd the "tete de la course". One was a girl and I found out later she used to be pro and I believe it because she was taking some long pulls up front and we rotated around and really hammered up to the front group but also could not catch them even though we thought we had them at a stop sign but they took off. almost....., then we got up towards Brookswood Blv. and two riders from the front pcak came back to help us pull and it ended up being my friends Rob ( Pharmacy Rob) and Mike ( of the M&M crew). we then got another paceline going and we were hauling as the roads were super smooth.

Cost for the group ride including all the food and water at the mid point: FREE

Thanks Webcyclery much appreciated. Rob is doing the race manager position for this this year and I am sure this will add to their team as he is really committed to it and knowing a bunch of guys there should be a great team.

whole ride including the trip with Rob and I from our meet place and back was about 46 miles. I then rode home and transitioned into running attire and got a nice 5 mile run ( also a mix of road and trail) under the belt for a nice brick. I am feeling good. A little tired this Monday morning but great weekend and I will stick to my easy plan this week. today a super easy swim and super easy run.