Thursday, April 26, 2007


So it is Thursday and my planned Friday mountain bike ride is a no go!!! I am so sore. I had my swim lesson with Vanessa Polvi today and did pretty well but the pecs were sore from the KMA session. I then did an easy 24 mile bike ride with Tri-Rob and Bruce on the TT bike to make sure ready for this weekend race and legs were sore from KMA. I just tried to do my nightly abs and they are still sore from KMA!!! OHHHHHHH I feel like Bruce lee just was in a fight with me...I am worked. I was trying to tell Tri-Rob ( I call him Tri Rob because I know so many...Pharmacy -Rob . Work -Rob, Swim- Rob, Skydive- Rob......etc) about the KMA and it really was a blur so here is my best recollection:

10 minute warmup on treadmill

30 cleans using 40 pound dumbells
30 pushups
50 box jumps

do those again

1 leg bent over rows
30 burpees with 20 pound med ball wearing weight vest
side crawl with bands to isolate and add resistance to arms and legs

do those again

a few exercises in here that were a blur......

bear crawl doing pushups each step from bear crawl position 2 laps
reverse pullups pulling legs over head then coming back slow times 20

bosu ball v ups ( tried but modified to on floor using weith stick presses) 30x2
med ball over head then touch floor on each side while in V position times 30x2

I am sure I am missing some but there were no breaks and we worked out for 1 hour and 20 minutes......SORE!!!!

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