Thursday, April 12, 2007

WOW I almost passed out!!!!

Did a KMA workout today with Kyle and he was on us. After Bruce and I had two weeks away from him and reported good race for each us ( my Beaver 3rd place and Bruce took first at a Portland Duathlon) he was ready to make us suffer. It is somewhat of blur but this is what I recall:

20 minute bike getting there as warmup

10 minute treadmill warmup

jump rope 150 revs

25 pushups

25 box jumps on 30 inch box

25 scissor lunges with 20 pound medicine ball

50 over and back hops over hurdle

25 kicks to heavy bag for each leg

jump rope 150 revs

1 leg box ups 25 per leg

25 on each arm, holding kettle ball up above head while doing mini squats

25 burpees with heavy ball

25 each leg mountain climbers with balance board

pulley pull down over a bosu times 50

jump rope 150 revs

bar pull jumps times 25

squat machine times 25 with expsion jumps ( I screamed on these)

1 arm pushups on box times 50

3 minutes on treadmill at 10 incline,,,,( almost fell off)

100 situps

50 reverse situps

100 bicycle abs

25 v ups

25 each side of hips side plank


That felt good, then I rode my mountain bike home. i would say I am done for the day


TRI-ROB said...

Dude... you're so hardCORE! That's an amazing workout! NICE! I'll be in town next Thursday/Friday... lets get together for some sort of workout!

Anonymous said...

I loved it when Kyle came in 2 hrs after the workout and said that you almost puked about 3 times. He kind of sounded worried about you!!