Wednesday, April 18, 2007

post from a buddys trip

great photo and blurb from mr. TT Dan Davis who hooked me up with the TT helmet:

Here is a photo of one of the climbs we did in Mallorca it was a 9k long and a dead end, so you rode down had a coffee and back up you came. And as you can see from this photos if you look closely there are a ton of people going down and coming up it was really funny how man bodies there was on the slopes. You can see a tour bus on one of the corners so of the corners where so sharp they could not get around on the first try they had to get as far as they could, then back up and get around on the second try. On the way down on a bike you’re passing busses and car’s its quite fun and probably not that safe but you are in Europe and cars give you the right of way it sweet!

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