Wednesday, April 11, 2007

rest and rest

After the race we spent Sunday with the kids at the aquarium in Newport checking out sharks and then stayed in a yurt at the coast. fun times and beer from Rogue beer in the world I think. did zero on Sunday, came back to work Monday and went for a 1000m swim, no drills, no clock, just swimming at a nice even pace working on stroke timing.

Felt not so great on Tuesday so stayed home and worked from home ( nice job that I can do that since I was not feeling so great but lost no productivity by not going into work, took entire day off.

feel ok today but will play it by ear. if feeling better later will go for a swim again. Run tonight. but if I want to do another rest day will not fret about it. tomorrow have a KMA workout with Kyle then a planned mountain bike ride with Bruce on Friday and Sat will take it easy and then Sunday plan on a super brick of 100 mile ride followed by a 10k run.

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TRI-ROB said...

Hey dude! Hope you feel better soon. Start lookin at your training calendar for next week... I'll be coming over and it'd be great to hook up and knock out some training with you! Did you interview the nutrionist on Mon?