Monday, April 30, 2007

Time trial of hurt weekend

not an a race at all just a traon

Well staring the weekend off of that brutal workout from Kyle and I knew it was a hurting one when i went for a 24 mile ride the next day with Tri-Rob and Bruce and could barely keep up a solid pace. took Friday off all together and then hammer time. The stages all started in Maupin which is in a deep river valley. This means of course all three stage start by climbing OUT of that river valley straight up!!!!! look at the elevation on these maps!!!!!

So stage one starts and we are set off every 30 seconds, i follow a guy up the hill and feel ok, then here comes two guys about 10 minutes later whizzing past me!!! Wow those guys are fast. i get to the top of the plaetu and hear a thump thump thump....rear flat! damn, oh well stay calm this is just a training race so i get out my stuff and have probably the fastest most well done tube exchange ever. cool. I find out later that these hardcore TT guys carry no spare as if they flat they are out so just get picked up, glad i did not get that advice earlier or I would have been out.

off I go and get passed by a bunch of dudes on the sweetest sickest bikes with more carbon and more zipp wheels than I have ever seen, so respectable passes. did ok and finished strong.

stage 2 straight up a heinous 8 mile climb...that hurt but I was only a few minutes off of the main packs time so felt ok with it. could still feel the heavy legs from earlier in the week though.

Stage three was a 50 mile out and back long stage. this was a fun one and I actually got to pass some people and ended up doing ok I though for how much climbing there was, I finished and then went and ran about 2 miles for a little brick.

The one thing I noticed about TT races are that there are no beginners and recreational category it was just all hardcore folks, I did see one girl ( who passed me on the uphill TT) that had an M dot tattoo and I asked where she got it and she said after Hawaii. she had done Hawaii, Florida and Idaho IM. One nice thing about our conversation that was nice was that she said in IM you never bike this hard since it is about pacing. she said with the times i was posting IM would be no problem....GOOD.

I would say I got beat pretty solid but felt like a great weekend. based on going in tired, not as nice a bike setup and not really being a hardcore TT guy felt good. better than just doing a workout since I pushed myself a lot harder doing this.

F Group Masters Men 30-39

No. Racer Team Age Start Stage Total Time
1 2 3
701 Adnan Kadir

Aeolus Cycling

37 1st place 1:06:17 0:32:06 2:08:49 3:47:12
05 Jason Hobson

Half Fast Velo

36 2nd Place 1:09:10 0:31:33 2:13:27 3:54:10
368 Richard Lorenz


32 3rd place 1:11:24 0:34:17 2:22:25 4:08:06
2676 Drew Holmes

Hutch’s of Bend

37 4th Place 1:20:52 0:39:44 2:35:57 4:36:33

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TRI-ROB said...

Nicely done Drew! You rock man! The thing that is so impressive is that you trained right up to the race. Your KMA session sounded brutal and then to ride with me and Bruce on Thurs... you're the man! Way to go bro... stay strong and steady... you're gonna ROCK you IM! My half-mary race report is up! Check it...