Wednesday, April 26, 2006

revenge of the swim

Swam a good solid 1750 meters in the pool today during workout and if my math works correctly ( which is rare) that is just over a mile. My half ironman swin is 1.2 miles so that is close.

getting there.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

race report

for the sad but lesson learned race report check out: and do a search for Albany Oregon race report

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

another sprint

Sprint race in Albany Oregon this Sunday. Going withBruce day before so we can pre-ride the course and hangout. 750m swim, 12 mile bike and 5k run. Swam today 750m during workout in 18 minutes 30 seconds so we will see how that translate in a race. is the place to be for fun and information on triathlon.

Will try and send in some audio from the roadtrip

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Wow what a fun race...Cold wet and slick out....I loved it!!!! I tend to do better in the cold that in the heat. Got to Corvallis the night before and got to the packet pick-up at 7:45 PM ( it closed at 7:30) after begging to get my stuff I found a friendly ear and she got me my packet and walked me through the next day. I slept ok but not great. I tell you I thought over transition crap about 10 times and never did decide what to do for the shoes on the bike until 5 minutes before the race. Lucky for me my cousin Lynn and her girlfriend Tressa and her son Marty came up to watch and root me on. That was great,Lynn finsished a half ironman last year and was a great source of inspiration. Then at the least minute when I was in the water Isis and Jennelle showed up and yelled good luck. There were 4 people per lane and I was going first and each would follow in 5 second intervals. My swim must be getting faster as I lapped all three of them. I swear the lap counter had me do another lap after I was done but that's cool. I ran out and it was cold, I think it was in the mid forties but ran to the bike and decided to grab my shoes and just run to the bike mount and slip the shoes on there. The problem was I had my speedplay pedals with my sidi shoes and they do not walk well and I had no cofidence yet in the put the shoes on on the fly.,,,all in all a great Call l that transition went fast. Out on the course felt great I was working hard so the cold was a non issue. No socks...No problem. I started catching the swim heat from before me and I think I passed most of them ( they had a 15 minute head start). Came in and dropped the bike and grabbed my shoes with my Yanz laces and they worked great. The run was ok, I think I needed a pinch more energy......Ran fast but not real fast. My back felt pretty tight. Caught a guy and jetted past him to the finish and then realized he still had another lap on the three lap circuit so guess I did not need to do that but that's ok. So My heart rate was a solid 174-176 the whole race. Time was about 1 hour 12 minutes ( unofficial) I did not stick around for the final heats as we went to the coast for a some time off. When I get the official times I will post them.. All in all I do not care except for interest sake, I ran a solid first race of the season and had a blast.

side note: Moonpies goggles, worked like charm!!!
Jetdrvr computer did not work at all as I bumped the magnet in the car ( it works but i did not realize it was bumped until on course....)

all set up the night before in the hotel room.... Posted by Picasa

Lets get this started!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

WHITE PASTY COLD AND WET!!!!!!!!!! just out from the pool Posted by Picasa

going out rom T1 Posted by Picasa

coming back in from ride.......cyclocross carry Posted by Picasa

too happy, not running hard enough Posted by Picasa

going for the finish nobody in sight!!! Posted by Picasa

cousin Lynn and the gang, nice to have a rooting section!!!!  Posted by Picasa
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Friday, April 07, 2006


I kept having tyransition dreams last night...what to wear? wear the HR monitor or put on the bike??? yikes. I love that pre race energy!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! makes you feel like you got something going on in life. I was losing this feeling in mountain bike races so needed a switch and this is doing it for me. driving over to Corvallis tonight and will drive the bike course and get my packet. race is at 7:55 AM. I will get pics and some audio at the venue. then off to a well earned vacation at the Oregon coast to drink beer, relax and see some sharks at the aquarium for inspiration for the half ironman.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

1 week countdown

After a forced rest due to a short illness I got back on the horse today and ran 10k with Rob and felt really good. So I will do a bike/Swim on Monday and then a run on Tues and a Bike on Wed and then taper thurs and Friday with some swim technique and active recovery for the race a next sat in Corvallis. This will be my first sanctioned race with a field of about 350 folks and I am looking for a top ten in my age group. I think if I can keep transitions smooth and keep the heartrate at about 165-170 I should sail in smooth and make up a few minutes in the swim as well. Should be good.