Sunday, March 29, 2009

Training camp

So I was on vacation and made the best of it hauling a bike, swim gear and running gear and even some kettlebells and med balls with me.....

Here was the basic break down:

Sunday: 5 mile run and some plyometrics in a neighborhood.....all hills nothing flat.
Monday: 2 hour ride into the mountains near a prison work crew in the middle of nowehere
Tuesday: 1 hour swim followed by an hour of play in the Nautilus back yard ( see pics)
Wed: 12 mile run on mixed paved and dirt roads....all up and then all down
Thursday: Bike near a zen monastery out on the dikes near the Columbia river . I would have stopped in but they were closed for meditation that day.

Friday and Saturday complete rest and today doing three plus hours on the bike

One of the mascots at the secret training camp

SO the Nautilus world headquarters is in Vancouver Washington and they have a huge lot next to their building with a track, football, baseball and basketball. Great artificial turf and open to the public. While I have gripes with the company for other reasons I will use their free stuff any day. worked out here y running on the track and then found a soccer ball and did 100 yard laps on the football field kicking the ball and at each end would do push-ups or pull-ups on the goalposts, fun workout.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Double day

Spent the first part of the day....6 AM to 7:30 AM riding some single track efore breakfast near the house down to the river........

Then got out the single speed and rode out at Maston with Chris and Katy since it was not a "swim day".......trails were fast and buff.

Now off to secret training camp at my secret location....update with pics abnd details in a week...seeeeeee you THEN!!!!!

Great Pics by Dan the man

Dan Davis AKA " super cool TT nice guy" got some awards for some pics he took.....I had to share

Friday, March 20, 2009

ROCK ON with 93 days to go

And yes Jetpack....we are shaved for cycling season....fortunately for me This is the norm is the athlete world of Bend since everyone here is either a pro triathlete, ex tour de France cyclist or a trainer of such...I am not sure what else people do in Bend.....The economy may slow but Bend will be in Shape.

did the workout as prescribed other than I think my 100 repeats were at 90%

SWIM 0:45
3 sets of (100 Swim - 100 Kick - 100 Pull) - continuous
10 x 100 @60-65% w/10 sec rest
odds: choice, evens: freestyle
400 Pull - concentrate on holding proper form


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Had a great mid day break from work. Went to Juniper and swam laps for about 40 minutes and then transitioned right into a 10k. while the time for the 10k was not record pace by any means not bad for a double workout after a brutal Kyle workout last night and still being a bit fatigued. What a great sunny day!!!! felt like Summer!

Next week is super secret training camp.......details to come so I guess not that secret eh?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am back

4 days of ZERO activity. I must say taking 4 days off with no working out at all takes a toll on you. I got sick but not really sick enough to keep from doing work or chores but really did not want to workout. Likely this was a good thing as I had a few hard weeks and body was telling me to rest. I finally felt like myself today and went for an hour run at lunch and felt great. The weather was sunny and warm and I shed my hat and jacket after mile 1. listened to another great episode of the Brettster at Zen tri I started a series I will post later with a new product that I am beta testing and I think you will be stoked.....stay tuned.

I came home and got on the rollers for another 20 minutes just to round out the day. I did not want to jump in too hard after being sick so a great day at a very moderate pace. ( Bruce..I was taking it eaaassssyyyyyy......)

feels good to be back in the saddle

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Started feeling sick Friday and decided taking the weekend off to recoup. looking back over the years of training this seems to happen but as long as not on race day not a big deal. fitness never seems to get lost in just a week. so Playing it smart and relaxing this weekend with a minor sore throat. I guess I will go be productive elsewhere.......with the help of a lot of java.

OH yeah my new tri suit from my team is on ts way and should be here in a few weeks......sweeeet!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

big day

solid day at work and needed a release so went to the KMA workout 90 minutes early and hit the trail run at easy pace for a solid 60 minutes. a little cold for shorts but I mustered through ok in the the trees away from the wind...felt great going easy. I actually had not really gone easy in a while so it was a nice change of pace. got back to the studio and did 30 minutes on the spin bike and then a full 60 minute workout with Kyle....always hard and always good. I am evolving into this season of racing!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


today I did a workout i will call "lexie" we put down our dog lexie last Friday and it was harder than I had thought it would be. She was 13 years old and the time had come. She was the pet I had the longest. I got her as a puppy and she was a hardcore dog. She was the kind of dog that would go get the sheriff and bring him back to the ditch you were stuck in "lassie" style. great ol girl.


bike rollers no breaks or rests 30 minutes

wall ball 1o times with 20 lb. ball

run 1/2 mile

wall ball 10 more times

run another 1/2 mile

wall ball 10 more times

13 kettle bell swings

Sunday, March 08, 2009

better day

1o mile run followed by a 30 minute spin on the rollers...much better day, the weather was chilly but I had the right clothes today and felt good. read an article in runnersworld that said wine is good for you so when i got home had two glasses of wine.

also read an article about core strength with Lolo Jones and found that I was alredy doing most of that with kyle so that was good because she does have a nice core.

so Monday will be a core training at kyles studio and then swimming in the evening....see Mondays can be good its all perspective..........

Saturday, March 07, 2009

long day

It was one pf those training days that although i was excited to get out there and train as the sun was up and the sky was blue....all geared up for a 3 hour in the pockets...water bottled filled and then a breeze.....then a bluster. I had wind in my face ....Why is it that in Central Oregon it seems to blow sometimes in every direction? I had a 4 hour headwind today. 3 hours on the bike and 1 hour of running into the wind....I almost walked the last 2 miles home but the ipod playlist kicked in with "Eye of the tiger" cannot stop when that song comes on. I remember miles 20-about 22 during the Ironman Canada race where a guy had the song repeating over and over on some big speakers in his front yard.

I need a beer and a rest now since tomorrow is planned as:

RUN 1:40
and then....
BIKE 0:50
Right after your run, either indoors or out on the road (be careful if it's chilly outside -- stay indoors!). Hold your intensity between 60-70%, and maintain a cadence of 85-90rpm. Stay in your small chain ring to reduce stress and improve your recovery.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Big day Saturday manana

So I am rested as today was a rest day and Sat is a big one...almost 4 is the plan so check the blog Sat. night for photos and story.......I needed the rest day too. I was a little sore and a little fatigued from the week so good call on the to stick to since only 107 days left until the big day

BIKE 2:50
It's difficult to develop an indoor cycling workout that approaches three hours in length without stetching the bounds of your sanity! Go ahead and perform this ride outdoors if possible, and follow this slightly reduced duration ride if you're stuck indoors. The increased efficiency when riding on a trainer will make up for the reduced "saddle time".
20:00 Gearing Pyramid:
-- 3:00 getting to 50%, 4:00 up to 60%, 5:00 @60-70%, 8:00 @70%
These ILT drills are an excellent mechanism for balancing your pedal stroke -- I do them regularly, and it's really helped me get my cycling "feel" back quickly. Even if you're riding outside these days (a good idea), you should take some time before or after your ride to include this drill.
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
-- each repeat should be
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
2 x (11.2 miles / 18km / 33:00) @75% w/3:00 recovery @75% intensity
-- hold your HR under 75% and hold a cadence of 88-92 rpm throughout
-- straight into:
2 x (6.2 miles / 10km / 17:30) @80% w/2:30 recovery @60-70% in between
Continue spinning for at least 20:00 @60-70% -- you're deriving some
aerobic benefit as long as you're above 60% -- then bring your HR
back under 60% before finishing. Hold your cadence at 90+ rpm
throughout, though you can bring it under 85rpm for the final few minutes.
RUN 0:40
This is a steady aerobic effort to finish off your day -- do a quick transition after your ride and get on the run right away. Keep your HR under 75% throughout, and finish with 2-3:00 of walking to bring the intensity under 50% before stopping.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

training is going to eleven!!!!

After three days of training at Kyles studio I am ready for one more day and then FRIDAY HE RESTED!!!!!!!! What a great week...we have turned it up to 11 baby!!!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

ironman dude

make your own superhero triathlete here

I tried to make the outfit look like a hero version of a WebCyclery jersey with arm warmers

Monday, March 02, 2009

Polar plunge

between workouts I was able to do some good. With help from folks at work I raised enough money to enter the Polar Plunge to give money to the Special Olympics. All fun for a good cause!