Friday, March 06, 2009

Big day Saturday manana

So I am rested as today was a rest day and Sat is a big one...almost 4 is the plan so check the blog Sat. night for photos and story.......I needed the rest day too. I was a little sore and a little fatigued from the week so good call on the to stick to since only 107 days left until the big day

BIKE 2:50
It's difficult to develop an indoor cycling workout that approaches three hours in length without stetching the bounds of your sanity! Go ahead and perform this ride outdoors if possible, and follow this slightly reduced duration ride if you're stuck indoors. The increased efficiency when riding on a trainer will make up for the reduced "saddle time".
20:00 Gearing Pyramid:
-- 3:00 getting to 50%, 4:00 up to 60%, 5:00 @60-70%, 8:00 @70%
These ILT drills are an excellent mechanism for balancing your pedal stroke -- I do them regularly, and it's really helped me get my cycling "feel" back quickly. Even if you're riding outside these days (a good idea), you should take some time before or after your ride to include this drill.
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
-- each repeat should be
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
2 x (11.2 miles / 18km / 33:00) @75% w/3:00 recovery @75% intensity
-- hold your HR under 75% and hold a cadence of 88-92 rpm throughout
-- straight into:
2 x (6.2 miles / 10km / 17:30) @80% w/2:30 recovery @60-70% in between
Continue spinning for at least 20:00 @60-70% -- you're deriving some
aerobic benefit as long as you're above 60% -- then bring your HR
back under 60% before finishing. Hold your cadence at 90+ rpm
throughout, though you can bring it under 85rpm for the final few minutes.
RUN 0:40
This is a steady aerobic effort to finish off your day -- do a quick transition after your ride and get on the run right away. Keep your HR under 75% throughout, and finish with 2-3:00 of walking to bring the intensity under 50% before stopping.

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