Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am back

4 days of ZERO activity. I must say taking 4 days off with no working out at all takes a toll on you. I got sick but not really sick enough to keep from doing work or chores but really did not want to workout. Likely this was a good thing as I had a few hard weeks and body was telling me to rest. I finally felt like myself today and went for an hour run at lunch and felt great. The weather was sunny and warm and I shed my hat and jacket after mile 1. listened to another great episode of the Brettster at Zen tri I started a series I will post later with a new product that I am beta testing and I think you will be stoked.....stay tuned.

I came home and got on the rollers for another 20 minutes just to round out the day. I did not want to jump in too hard after being sick so a great day at a very moderate pace. ( Bruce..I was taking it eaaassssyyyyyy......)

feels good to be back in the saddle

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