Sunday, March 29, 2009

Training camp

So I was on vacation and made the best of it hauling a bike, swim gear and running gear and even some kettlebells and med balls with me.....

Here was the basic break down:

Sunday: 5 mile run and some plyometrics in a neighborhood.....all hills nothing flat.
Monday: 2 hour ride into the mountains near a prison work crew in the middle of nowehere
Tuesday: 1 hour swim followed by an hour of play in the Nautilus back yard ( see pics)
Wed: 12 mile run on mixed paved and dirt roads....all up and then all down
Thursday: Bike near a zen monastery out on the dikes near the Columbia river . I would have stopped in but they were closed for meditation that day.

Friday and Saturday complete rest and today doing three plus hours on the bike

One of the mascots at the secret training camp

SO the Nautilus world headquarters is in Vancouver Washington and they have a huge lot next to their building with a track, football, baseball and basketball. Great artificial turf and open to the public. While I have gripes with the company for other reasons I will use their free stuff any day. worked out here y running on the track and then found a soccer ball and did 100 yard laps on the football field kicking the ball and at each end would do push-ups or pull-ups on the goalposts, fun workout.

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