Tuesday, March 10, 2009


today I did a workout i will call "lexie" we put down our dog lexie last Friday and it was harder than I had thought it would be. She was 13 years old and the time had come. She was the pet I had the longest. I got her as a puppy and she was a hardcore dog. She was the kind of dog that would go get the sheriff and bring him back to the ditch you were stuck in "lassie" style. great ol girl.


bike rollers no breaks or rests 30 minutes

wall ball 1o times with 20 lb. ball

run 1/2 mile

wall ball 10 more times

run another 1/2 mile

wall ball 10 more times

13 kettle bell swings


Flatman said...

sorry to hear that Drew...it's always hard when you lose a pet, especially one that you've had for that long. :(

Kona Shelley said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so difficult to deal with. My greyhound is approaching 10 years and not doing well. It is heartbreaking to know whether they are suffering and not knowing what to do.

adam and melissa said...

sweet, sweet lexie. i will miss seeing her on our next visit. hope you are doing ok!