Saturday, March 07, 2009

long day

It was one pf those training days that although i was excited to get out there and train as the sun was up and the sky was blue....all geared up for a 3 hour in the pockets...water bottled filled and then a breeze.....then a bluster. I had wind in my face ....Why is it that in Central Oregon it seems to blow sometimes in every direction? I had a 4 hour headwind today. 3 hours on the bike and 1 hour of running into the wind....I almost walked the last 2 miles home but the ipod playlist kicked in with "Eye of the tiger" cannot stop when that song comes on. I remember miles 20-about 22 during the Ironman Canada race where a guy had the song repeating over and over on some big speakers in his front yard.

I need a beer and a rest now since tomorrow is planned as:

RUN 1:40
and then....
BIKE 0:50
Right after your run, either indoors or out on the road (be careful if it's chilly outside -- stay indoors!). Hold your intensity between 60-70%, and maintain a cadence of 85-90rpm. Stay in your small chain ring to reduce stress and improve your recovery.

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