Saturday, March 31, 2007

run with no shirt idea, kind of dorky but it worked

It was a hot day and I ran with my short off so where to clip the Ipod shuffle with all those wires??? saw this in a magazine somewhere and works great, just clip it to your wires

Weekly wrap up

Well lets see its been a busy week:

Wed:I had another great session with my Swim coach Vanessa Polvi. This was an extra good lesson as she did a follow up video analysis and I could really see some changes since the last one. she was also able to get the video on to the computer right then so after the lesson we went out and did a post workout analysis and I could see what I was doing. She also pulled up her older vids of me from December and played them side by side for comparison. I have the Beaver Freezer race coming up a week from today and she is going to be there as a volunteer ( she was a NCAA swimmer at OSU, the venue) so I will have my coach there to give me last second tips and analyze how I did post race hopefully.

Thursday: I had to travel to Hood River for work and it was an all day deal so I got up early and went to Spin class at 5:30 AM at the swim center. I have not done spin class in years as I ride so much outside that it really never occurs to me to do so. The new spin room has about 25 bikes in a room set up for spinning with tiered platforms so if you are in the back you can still see. The front has a 60 inch plasma screen and they play cycling videos while they teach the class so I was able to watch some Belgium racing while cycling. The instructor was pretty good and It was a nice change of pace. I may hit the class once a week before swimming to supplement my other workouts, ,it was enjoyable.

Friday: went to the gym early and did some workouts I found on crossfit. that site rocks and really will be a great addition to the KMA workouts and my endurance training. after doing some core and the mini cross fit workout I went for a swim workout that Moonpie turned me on to and did page 19 of workouts in a binder.

I modified it slightly:

W/U 200 meters

main set:

300,200,100 with 20 sec rest moderate pace

200,100,50 negative splits 25 sec rests

100 fast

50 fast

6 x 100 pull

50 cool down:

total meters: 1950 meters, 1.2 miles

Today ( Sat) plan on some interval runs and some swim technique, tomorrow I am going on a medium long bike ride with Webcyclery who is putting on a group Paris roubaix type ride fir cyclocross with paved and dirt.

Next week is race week so according to Joe Friel here is the planned week:

Mon: Swim and run both recreational pace and distance
Tue: short run high intensity
Wed: Swim and bike short with high intensity
Thursday possible short swim or day off
Friday: pre race brick, easy bike run combo ( likely on the course) with some short bursts

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday Brick

Went out for 1 hour and 45 minutes road ride with Anthony and Stephanie and had a very windy and cold ride, We actually looked for hills to ride up just to warm up. It was blue skies all morning and then we started riding and BOOM clouds and wind. Good ride though. We went out to Rock springs ranch and then out past Tumalo and back up the nice little climb from Tumalo park into town. I did a 20 second transition to running shoes and went and ran for about 20 minutes. nice solid brick during a weekday workday i must say.

I am off to Swim training this morning and I think coach Vanessa is going to do some underwater filming again today so that should be a good update to my progress.

I am also keeping detailed notes and photos of my food this week ( like jdub does just for fun) as I am going to have a sit down interview with another Vanessa who is a registered dietician and going to do a an interview with me for Zen and the art of triathlon in few weeks. should be fun.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday and Monday

So Sunday we planned on a three hour road bike ride with a short run after but all the sweet people I ride with knew they would melt in the rain so I got some calls asking if we could switch to mountain we all know mud does not affect sugar just rain and slick roads. I succumbed and went to the LBS and grabbed my mountain bike since i had it in here for a team tune up ( one of the benefits of my race team...nice benefit huh, they treat us well).

Off we went, Rob and Steph ( husband, wife and former state MTB champs) and Steph was a little slower than normal starting her season late and having just started working with Kyle also so she had a KMA on that Friday......still sore, I can respect that. Good to see her slower as usually after the first 6 miles I cant keep up with her.

th etrails have come out from under the snowpack and they were BUFF!! we ended up doing a huge circuit of trails in the lower Phils trail area out my front door ( we have to ride about 1/4 of pavement and then it was 100% dirt) we hit COD, CIA, Laura's lane, Ben's trail, the canyon. KGB and some others ( oh yeah one was a secret trail....sorry can't share)

We also came across a sweet bike sculpture that was way up in the forest, we have a decent idea of who did it but will keep that to ourselves.

Ended up doing about 3.5 hours on the bike, kept HR in aerobic zone and felt really strong the whole ride. came back to the house and bagged the run and did a group ab workout.

good day.

Monday: NADA rested.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Simply Stu Triathlon

Did the second annual Simply Stu triathlon today, last year was fun and indrs since it snowed, this year was outside thankfully.

I did the course to match my upcoming Beaver Freezer race but was a little supried by some serious headwinds...damn it was windy, The headwind made it hard but did not feel a problem with the rear wheel cover so that was good. Not sure if it helped or hurt in the wind though????

As usual we have a world class 50 meter pool and on a Saturday there were 3 people in it...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

The swimming felt so good today, I did not try and break any records but keep form and I felt good actually. Keeping the stoke deep and wide and even.

SWIM: 10:22 not fast but fast for me.

Then I changed into bike clothes. in a race I wear a one ppiece and have retty fast transitions every time so not something i am woried about.

rode out on a couse that was a 12 mile out and back ( 6 and 6) and used my new toys thanks To Bruce ( wheelcover) and Dan ( helmet). felt really good on the bike for fit and power but alas the wind really hurt for times on return.

Bike: 36 minutes/ average was 20 MPH thanks to this link

changed into my running shoes and no clothes change, took off on a 5k route and felt a little sluggish first quarter mile but then the running legs came back, kept HR where i wanted it so no problems there

RUN: 23.16 min / 7.9 minute miles

so overall was please as this should get me a better PR for the Beaver Freezer as the course I did today had more hills, more wind and you always try harder at a race....dont you????

Side note: thanks to Dirt Diva for a great cross training website that has workouts you can do and a great video Library of workout ideas CROSSFIT

Thursday, March 22, 2007

last KMA session before the Beaver Freezer

wow I actually felt pretty good at the KMA session.

Started with a really easy treadmill warmup and then kyle sent us out on a run with a presribed route that ended up being 1.6 miles with 1 hill. ( here is the map). he said to go at a hard effort so i kep the HR at between 175-180. Bruce took off and I lost sight of him....a fast runner and I am at best average.

got back to the gym in 12 minutes and starting doing box jump ups ( x25), then push ups using barbells with rows while in the push up position followed by a burpee with military press lift ( x 25) then hold the big heavy ball and do 50 scissor kicks.

then he sent us back out on the route again stating that we needed to get the same time....i worked hard and came back within 40 seconds of my first time.

Then did a deadlift followed by step up holding the bar onto the box ( weight was a bit heavy for me and he suggested I go down, I said I would just do less. then did push up jumps on two bosu balls followed by doing 100 double jumps back and forth sideways over a hurdle ( ouch), then 2 minutes of jump rope.......

back to the run route again trying to get the same time......ohh I was slowing down for sure and got a slight side stitch in my side at the hill but mustered through it, the good thing about having a coach is if i would have been by myself I would have walked for 10 minutes to work it out but knowing he was timing these pushed me on to rally back to the gym.

AHHHHH all done just abs left

50 crunches
50 bicycles per side
20 v-ups
2 minute bridge

so last week I went in rested and was wasted.....this time day before put in long bike and run and today feel good??? oh well I will figure this all out someday

more Polar plunge photos

here are a few more Polar plunge photos that were recently sent out. Unfortunately none of us in the water, the professional photographer failed to realize that may make good photos and took a bunch of pics of people just standing around getting ready....go figure?????

Not bad for a Wed.

Pretty solid Wed. started out by commuting to work in freezing temps...BRRRRR. decided needed a spin and Bruce and I headed out for a nice 2 hour mid day ride. sunny and just right. i usually take it easy before the KMA Thursday but decided to push it this week. came back to work and then did a sort run after work with TRI-ROB from Triscoop . Great guy, he comes to Bend every few weeks for work so likely we will workout again. He is also planning on the Pacific Crest Half Ironman so training goals in sync.

here is the run we did, ( click here) use the hybrid version and you can see the tails we took.

I kind of laughed when he asked if he was workout out enough for the event when he mentioned the numbers that bryancd was posting.....i explained that guy was an animal and real great athlete so not to compare. It would be like me comparing my running to Jdub.....aint going to happen.

so for the day ended up with 45 miles on the bike and a 4.64 of running.

stay tuned as later today....KICK MY ASS session with Kyle....lets see if i can go more than 10 minutes without crying

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


as usual a commute to work on the bike but I admit a bit chilly this morning at 23 degrees. Wore in my team kit so i could ride at lunch and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Race schedule for 2007

So i am pretty sure this will be my race schedule for 2007:

April 7 Beaver Freezer Sprint ( Corvallis)

April 15th Century ride ( non race event)

April 28-29 Deschutes time trial weekend ( Maupin)

May 13th Chainbreaker Mountain bike race ( Bend)

May 19th lebanon sprint tri ( Lebanon)

June 3 Pickets charge mountain bike race ( Bend)

June 10th olympic triathlon Blue Lake ( Portland)

June 24th Pacific Crest Half Ironman ( Bend)

July 15th Vashon Island Exterra triathlon ( Seattle)

August 26th IRONMAN CANADA ( Penticton)

here is a funny older race pic: click here

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!

Busy weekend, first had the 2nd annual St. Patricks day leg shave for race season and That is always an event as I scar my daughters memory of her father shaving his legs.

Then On saturday took it easy with a family fun run that was in a park and Jennelle and Ryder each ran the 1 mile course and of course like all kids burned out in the first 1/4 mile ( sounds very similar to my first year of mountain bike racing ). Did some upper body but for the most part took it easy.

On Sunday met up with 100 of my closest friends at the Hutch's 50 mile Wet and Windy group ride. Since it was neither wet nor windy and the sun was out there really was 100 people there so quite the peloton out of town. Carl Decker and his giant sponsored team rode along which is nice to see some of the big boys out for a spin. the group really stayed together for most of it. seems like we were averaging about 25-28 mph and easy to do when you are in a pack drafting behind 40 people.

at about mile 25 I saw Bruce had pulled out with a mechanical and low and behold the rear wheel had blown two spokes ( for about the third time after crashing it into a curb...TOSS IT!!!!) and he had a cell and a ride coming so i grabbed Steph and we caught up to some other groups. It was nice as I really did not want to hammer because I had planned on this being a brick day.

after a great ride on the Lemond I rode home and transitioned into fresh running clothes and shoes ( about 5 minutes) and took off for my run. ( here is the map...use hybrid and you can zoom in and really get a detailed shot of the trails I take)

Run went suprisingly well, I think after being really warmed up on the bike that the legs feel better. i also did not take off out of the chute and warmed into it and by mile 1 was feeling strong.

got back and i could hear Coach Adam ( in NY not my brother) in my ear saying "ice bath " so in a went with a magazine and a tray full of ice cubes into some freezing water and let me tell you it was colder than the polar plunge.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


pics are from last year at the exterra in Seattle, will do that one again this year which will be the last race before Ironman Canada. off to do a 5x5 brick workout ( 50 mile ride with a 5 mile run) I will plan on biking easy since I will do the run. I was going to do that last weekend and ended up in a fast group and did 72 miles so this week sticking to the plan.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

KMA #8

Well today the word of the day was "pasty" after a few days of easy workouts between the hard weekend and the KMA session with Kyle I got about 10 minutes into the workout and looked "PASTY" as Bruce would say. I was not feeling great today. I kept going and worked out hard for the full hour but felt light headed a few times and was really struggling this time. L:ets see if I can remember the workout through my mental haze:

  • warmup 10 minutes pre-workout on the treadmill
  • 40 push ups slapping hands with partner between each one
  • 1 leg box step up holding barbell 2 minutes
  • holding 20 pound burpee ball doing 2 leg hops over hurdles 2 min
  • back to treadmill incline at 10 2 min.
  • dead lifts while standing on bosu ball
  • side steps holding ball up over hurdles
  • 1 arm weight hold over head and reach down between legs with bosu ( I couldnt do it i was hurting did a few though but poorly)
  • mountain climbers holding a ball under you on one arm for instability ( hard)
  • back to treadmill and switch with a row machine 2 min each
  • getting hazy
  • jump up on to two different boxes med. and large 2 min.
  • some crazy core excercise with a ball on a rope back and forth hitting in on the ground
  • abs ( 50 situps, 40 reverse, 40 bicycle, 25 v-ups, 25 side planks each side

wow I likely forgot a few here and there but I was DONE!!!!!!! going to a dinner tonight that is a seminar paid for by someone else and they will be serving free beer and good beer ( its at the mountain room of the Deschutes brewery ( the actual brewery) and I think I earned a few.

rest of this week, swim and run and then a 50 mile bikeride planned on Sunday with the LBS andthen doa brick to a 5k run.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Been working hard on my nutrition as this is an area that easily slips through after training had day after day.I am making a HUGE investment in trying to eat breakfast. I was always running out the door with a cup of coffee only. I am now trying to eat a good meal in the morning like grape nuts heated up with non fat milk and a protein shooter drink with some flax seed oil in it for the Omega 3s.

The other thing is I have been drinking lots of water at work and green tea instead of my usual 6 cups of coffee. HYDRATE!!!

Yesterday had a swim coaching session with Vanessa and I am learning new stuff each session. next week she is going to film me again and I will be able to see if the 2 months has shown improvement. the last video really helped me visualize what I was doing. This last session she got in the pool and showed me a few examples of what I was doing and that helped. I think I am a hands on and visual learner for sure.

I also added jdubs link to the sidebar as he has really upped his blog well.

Monday, March 12, 2007

great weekend..putting time in the bank

what a great weekend, I decided it was time to start upping the ante. I have the first race in 4 weeks and wanted to get a few harder weeks out before I taper ( not much) for the race in Corvallis. So Sat took Jennelle over to Utreks house for a birthday party and set off on a goal of running a half marathon on Saturday morning with the plan of doing a follow up of a long ride on Sunday.

Got out the new shoes I got last week, I usually buy two pair at the same time and alternate them. Went with the supernova shoes ( 1 road and 1 trail). The shoe really fits me so its a no brainer.

Run went well, I ended up doing about 14 miles at a easy pace. I kept the HR at 150 in my aerobic zone. here is the course with distance and elevation ( click here).

legs felt decent, lungs and HR felt great. longest run of the season.

With that in the bank set up a small group to go on a recovery ride that we had planned on about a 67 mile loop ( map click here) . I showed up at Bruce's house and instead of the three or four guys that we had planned on and were in on a recovery day ride there was a group of about 10 ( the word got out) so here we go spinning out of town on the route with a larger group and as we all know a large group of guys becomes a race. not really a race but a group has a hard time doing a recovery ride, So to stick to the plan i rode the middle of the pack and did not pull in the front. One issue was since I had planned on a lower pace I was dressed warm but as the speeds were averaging about 28 miles per hour I warmed up. after a few hills i was baked...not physically but just temperature wise. Once I got off my craft under layer and my cap it was like a small second wind. I actually felt pretty good, I was checking my HR and it was staying at 150-155 so again in my aerobic zone. However the legs felt heavy from the run. not bad or something I could not endure but it was there for sure. usually with a group of 3-4 guys you stop everyone in a awhile and grab a gel or a energy bar, adjust clothing layers etc. this group kept rocking on. Actually a pretty good group, we ended up picking up a few others from another group that we went by and they were doing a shorter loop so some grabbed on to us and we had about 15 guys. at mile 45 I was starting to have a problem keeping the pace which was still high. I went to the back of the pack and decided I needed to finish the ride at a lower speed so i told Bruce I was going to back off and spin back on my own.

I came into Redmond and after spinning the last 5 miles at an easier pace I felt really good again. HR was at 150 and the speed was back up. I came into Redmond and there was a rider that was in our group and he was on a cell phone calling for a ride...he was done. I pulled him through town to a meet place for his pick up and then I hit the old Bend Redmond highway and got in the drops and headed back, This was good time to work on not having the Ipod and using some good thoughts to keep the energy up. I really finished hard and felt good about the ride. Rode back in to town and touched base with Rob and Bruce and checking in with them I was only about 15 minutes behind them so knowing that gave me a boost.

Long weekend in the bag and a swim lesson this morning and the rest of the day off as a rest day ( of course commuting to work by bike so will get in some active recovery in as well)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

KMA off week

I am now on the every other week program for KMA so today I rode for 90 minutes listening to zen and the art of triathlon ( see map here)
and then went to the pool and swam:

Warm up 2x200 meters

4x25 distance per stroke drills

2x250 moderate

4x50 drill for 25 and the build up speed coming back 25

2x200 moderate

4x100 cool down form

2000 meters

then i went to the gym and did chest and core and stomach, overall a great day.

countdown to leg shave on St. Patricks day!!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

KMA #7

back from a short trip to visit family, nephew turned 1 yesterday...happy kid. So I had my kick my ass session last week and it did. We did a lot of the normal routine but this week added a weight vest.....ok that's harder. My HR got to 195 on one of the treadmill sessions where we had it jacked to 15 on the incline. one exercise we were doing was to old a weighted sandbag above our head ( about 20 pounds) and do quick up and downs on a block, not so bad until that bag starting feeling like the empire state building. we switched over to large block hop ups and one leg ups and we were doing 2 minute routines instead of the usual 90 seconds and whenever he said "half way" I about crapped my pants. The one that really got me was doing lunges across the room with the sandbag held out.....I could not even hold it out so he let me hug it. Somehow Bruce managed about 10 lunges holding it out until it looked like he was also hugging the baby. I real;y have a love hate relationship with these strength routines. They are really hard but what a difference they have been making. I feel stringer and look leaner. I also seem to find my other workouts do not seem as hard even though by distance or HR they are.

did a warm up in the pool yesterday and then did a timed 500 meter trying to see how long a 500 yard time would be for upcoming race in April but not sure on the conversion. I swam the 500 meter in 12 minutes and I think that calculates to 11 minutes for the slow!!!!! I have a swim coaching session this morning and I will address that. While my form looks better still too slow, last year when I could barely swim I did the same course in 11 minutes so i know a year later with practice and training i should be faster...right? shouldn't I? we shall see...

also got my REI dividend back and going to see about some new running shoes today...hey they are free so cant complain...also got some free shorts using a gift certificate I get for riding my bicycle to free free LOVING IT!!!!!