Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday and Monday

So Sunday we planned on a three hour road bike ride with a short run after but all the sweet people I ride with knew they would melt in the rain so I got some calls asking if we could switch to mountain bike...as we all know mud does not affect sugar just rain and slick roads. I succumbed and went to the LBS and grabbed my mountain bike since i had it in here for a team tune up ( one of the benefits of my race team...nice benefit huh, they treat us well).

Off we went, Rob and Steph ( husband, wife and former state MTB champs) and Steph was a little slower than normal starting her season late and having just started working with Kyle also so she had a KMA on that Friday......still sore, I can respect that. Good to see her slower as usually after the first 6 miles I cant keep up with her.

th etrails have come out from under the snowpack and they were BUFF!! we ended up doing a huge circuit of trails in the lower Phils trail area out my front door ( we have to ride about 1/4 of pavement and then it was 100% dirt) we hit COD, CIA, Laura's lane, Ben's trail, the canyon. KGB and some others ( oh yeah one was a secret trail....sorry can't share)

We also came across a sweet bike sculpture that was way up in the forest, we have a decent idea of who did it but will keep that to ourselves.

Ended up doing about 3.5 hours on the bike, kept HR in aerobic zone and felt really strong the whole ride. came back to the house and bagged the run and did a group ab workout.

good day.

Monday: NADA rested.

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jameson said...

I can't tell you how much I am cracking out to get back on my MTB on a regular basis... People who only ride on the road don't have any idea what they are missing!!

and yes... team tune-ups are killer!