Saturday, March 24, 2007

Simply Stu Triathlon

Did the second annual Simply Stu triathlon today, last year was fun and indrs since it snowed, this year was outside thankfully.

I did the course to match my upcoming Beaver Freezer race but was a little supried by some serious headwinds...damn it was windy, The headwind made it hard but did not feel a problem with the rear wheel cover so that was good. Not sure if it helped or hurt in the wind though????

As usual we have a world class 50 meter pool and on a Saturday there were 3 people in it...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

The swimming felt so good today, I did not try and break any records but keep form and I felt good actually. Keeping the stoke deep and wide and even.

SWIM: 10:22 not fast but fast for me.

Then I changed into bike clothes. in a race I wear a one ppiece and have retty fast transitions every time so not something i am woried about.

rode out on a couse that was a 12 mile out and back ( 6 and 6) and used my new toys thanks To Bruce ( wheelcover) and Dan ( helmet). felt really good on the bike for fit and power but alas the wind really hurt for times on return.

Bike: 36 minutes/ average was 20 MPH thanks to this link

changed into my running shoes and no clothes change, took off on a 5k route and felt a little sluggish first quarter mile but then the running legs came back, kept HR where i wanted it so no problems there

RUN: 23.16 min / 7.9 minute miles

so overall was please as this should get me a better PR for the Beaver Freezer as the course I did today had more hills, more wind and you always try harder at a race....dont you????

Side note: thanks to Dirt Diva for a great cross training website that has workouts you can do and a great video Library of workout ideas CROSSFIT

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TRI-ROB said...

Hey Drew! You're going to kick ass at the freezer! Wish I could join you but like I said... its full. Might come up to cheer ya on! That's a sweet ride dude... I almost bought a Specialized!