Thursday, March 15, 2007

KMA #8

Well today the word of the day was "pasty" after a few days of easy workouts between the hard weekend and the KMA session with Kyle I got about 10 minutes into the workout and looked "PASTY" as Bruce would say. I was not feeling great today. I kept going and worked out hard for the full hour but felt light headed a few times and was really struggling this time. L:ets see if I can remember the workout through my mental haze:

  • warmup 10 minutes pre-workout on the treadmill
  • 40 push ups slapping hands with partner between each one
  • 1 leg box step up holding barbell 2 minutes
  • holding 20 pound burpee ball doing 2 leg hops over hurdles 2 min
  • back to treadmill incline at 10 2 min.
  • dead lifts while standing on bosu ball
  • side steps holding ball up over hurdles
  • 1 arm weight hold over head and reach down between legs with bosu ( I couldnt do it i was hurting did a few though but poorly)
  • mountain climbers holding a ball under you on one arm for instability ( hard)
  • back to treadmill and switch with a row machine 2 min each
  • getting hazy
  • jump up on to two different boxes med. and large 2 min.
  • some crazy core excercise with a ball on a rope back and forth hitting in on the ground
  • abs ( 50 situps, 40 reverse, 40 bicycle, 25 v-ups, 25 side planks each side

wow I likely forgot a few here and there but I was DONE!!!!!!! going to a dinner tonight that is a seminar paid for by someone else and they will be serving free beer and good beer ( its at the mountain room of the Deschutes brewery ( the actual brewery) and I think I earned a few.

rest of this week, swim and run and then a 50 mile bikeride planned on Sunday with the LBS andthen doa brick to a 5k run.


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