Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!

Busy weekend, first had the 2nd annual St. Patricks day leg shave for race season and That is always an event as I scar my daughters memory of her father shaving his legs.

Then On saturday took it easy with a family fun run that was in a park and Jennelle and Ryder each ran the 1 mile course and of course like all kids burned out in the first 1/4 mile ( sounds very similar to my first year of mountain bike racing ). Did some upper body but for the most part took it easy.

On Sunday met up with 100 of my closest friends at the Hutch's 50 mile Wet and Windy group ride. Since it was neither wet nor windy and the sun was out there really was 100 people there so quite the peloton out of town. Carl Decker and his giant sponsored team rode along which is nice to see some of the big boys out for a spin. the group really stayed together for most of it. seems like we were averaging about 25-28 mph and easy to do when you are in a pack drafting behind 40 people.

at about mile 25 I saw Bruce had pulled out with a mechanical and low and behold the rear wheel had blown two spokes ( for about the third time after crashing it into a curb...TOSS IT!!!!) and he had a cell and a ride coming so i grabbed Steph and we caught up to some other groups. It was nice as I really did not want to hammer because I had planned on this being a brick day.

after a great ride on the Lemond I rode home and transitioned into fresh running clothes and shoes ( about 5 minutes) and took off for my run. ( here is the map...use hybrid and you can zoom in and really get a detailed shot of the trails I take)

Run went suprisingly well, I think after being really warmed up on the bike that the legs feel better. i also did not take off out of the chute and warmed into it and by mile 1 was feeling strong.

got back and i could hear Coach Adam ( in NY not my brother) in my ear saying "ice bath " so in a went with a magazine and a tray full of ice cubes into some freezing water and let me tell you it was colder than the polar plunge.

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Rob said...

Dude! What's UP with the icebath??? That just doesn't sound pleasant at all!