Thursday, March 08, 2007

KMA off week

I am now on the every other week program for KMA so today I rode for 90 minutes listening to zen and the art of triathlon ( see map here)
and then went to the pool and swam:

Warm up 2x200 meters

4x25 distance per stroke drills

2x250 moderate

4x50 drill for 25 and the build up speed coming back 25

2x200 moderate

4x100 cool down form

2000 meters

then i went to the gym and did chest and core and stomach, overall a great day.

countdown to leg shave on St. Patricks day!!!!!


moonpie said...

That's a nice looking loop Drew! I got a jump on you for leg shaving...I did it early :P

Rob said...

Hey man! Cool Blog. You're behind the power curve on the leg shaving though... body hair SUCKS! Nice swim too.