Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday Brick

Went out for 1 hour and 45 minutes road ride with Anthony and Stephanie and had a very windy and cold ride, We actually looked for hills to ride up just to warm up. It was blue skies all morning and then we started riding and BOOM clouds and wind. Good ride though. We went out to Rock springs ranch and then out past Tumalo and back up the nice little climb from Tumalo park into town. I did a 20 second transition to running shoes and went and ran for about 20 minutes. nice solid brick during a weekday workday i must say.

I am off to Swim training this morning and I think coach Vanessa is going to do some underwater filming again today so that should be a good update to my progress.

I am also keeping detailed notes and photos of my food this week ( like jdub does just for fun) as I am going to have a sit down interview with another Vanessa who is a registered dietician and going to do a an interview with me for Zen and the art of triathlon in few weeks. should be fun.

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