Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not bad for a Wed.

Pretty solid Wed. started out by commuting to work in freezing temps...BRRRRR. decided needed a spin and Bruce and I headed out for a nice 2 hour mid day ride. sunny and just right. i usually take it easy before the KMA Thursday but decided to push it this week. came back to work and then did a sort run after work with TRI-ROB from Triscoop . Great guy, he comes to Bend every few weeks for work so likely we will workout again. He is also planning on the Pacific Crest Half Ironman so training goals in sync.

here is the run we did, ( click here) use the hybrid version and you can see the tails we took.

I kind of laughed when he asked if he was workout out enough for the event when he mentioned the numbers that bryancd was posting.....i explained that guy was an animal and real great athlete so not to compare. It would be like me comparing my running to Jdub.....aint going to happen.

so for the day ended up with 45 miles on the bike and a 4.64 of running.

stay tuned as later today....KICK MY ASS session with Kyle....lets see if i can go more than 10 minutes without crying

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